The Alyce Match Program

Everyone loves to give back. That's why we added charitable donations as a gift in our product and match the most popular charitable donation every quarter.
Alyce matches the donations to the top charities every quarter

Everyone loves to give back; it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. And there’s nothing that feels better than giving the gift of giving back.

That’s why earlier this year we announced Charitable Donations as a gifting option for our customers to underpin our core value of giving first and giving consistently while providing them with another way to connect more personally with their prospects.

When the marketers and sales professionals using Alyce have the opportunity to learn more about their prospects and customers on a personal level, especially as it relates to causes that are near and dear to their hearts, it allows them to foster even closer relationships.

From our internal culture, to how we interact with our customers, to incorporating donations into our product, we try to incorporate a gift first mindset into everything we do as a company.

And we’re not alone. It’s exciting to see so many of our customers, and our customer’s customers, loving this gift option and using it more every month. It’s especially relevant now in a time when most feel helpless about what is going on in the world. Giving back to charities and helping fight against natural and world-wide disasters can help bring a sense of “doing” to those who want to help but aren’t sure how.

With the release of our donation-based gifting functionality in January 2020, we also made a pledge to ourselves to mirror the good we’re seeing in the Alyce ecosystem and double the impact.

Each quarter we have committed to matching the funds of the top donated to organization for the quarter and it was especially inspiring to see so many of our customers seizing the opportunity to give back this quarter. We even saw a record-breaking $30,000 donation month in March alone!

And so, for Q1 of 2020, we’re thrilled to be matching all donations to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Want to learn more about how you can start connecting with your buyers, and kickstarting meaningful relationships through personal gifting and donations? Request a demo to chat with our team!

April 7, 2020
Mary Matton
Mary Matton

Mary Matton is the Growth Marketing Manager for Alyce, and is obsessed with all things inbound and demand gen. Outside of work, her #5to9 interests include perfecting her mobile photography, the quest for the perfect iced coffee, and spending time with the people most important to her.