Alyce for Chrome

Alyce stays by your side in your key sales tools, so you can take a more effective human selling approach.

Alyce for Chrome Video
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Your sales team’s most effective tool, in every tool they use

No more switching between tabs — Alyce goes with your reps wherever they’re selling, in LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook 365, and Salesforce, to make personal gifting the most effective part of their selling routine.

Save hours researching, spend more time connecting

Alyce saves your reps hours of tedious research by uncovering personal interest data so they can connect in a truly personalized way, every time.


Your rep’s personal gifting concierge

Finally have real personal interactions at scale. Reps can send perfectly matched gifts to all of their hard-to-reach prospects in seconds, without leaving the page they’re on.


Alyce for Chrome FAQs

How do I install the extension?

If you are an Alyce customer, follow this link, add the extension to Chrome, login via the login flow, and you’re set!

Where does Alyce for Chrome work?

Currently Alyce for Chrome is fully integrated within Gmail and LinkedIn and will work across all other sites including Salesforce and Outlook 365.

Can I create a Salesforce Contact or Lead from Alyce for Chrome?

Not yet.  Currently creating gifts in Alyce for Chrome does NOT create new contacts in Salesforce.

Do I get Alyce research in real time now?

Not yet.  Alyce for Chrome will still take the same amount of time as regular research.