Alyce for Chrome

Alyce is by your side in every sales tool

Personalized selling at scale – made possible with our leading RevTech integrations teams already use.

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Customer Quote

Alyce has been a game changer for me. Alyce for Chrome makes it an even more essential part of my day.

— Abbie Crossen,
Enterprise BDR @ Fuze


Your sales team's most effective shortcut, in every tool they use

Alyce saves your reps hours of tedious research by uncovering personal interest data so they can connect in a truly personalized way, every time.


Save hours researching, spend more time connecting

No more switching between tabs — Alyce goes with your reps wherever they’re selling, in LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook 365, and Salesforce, to make personal gifting the most effective part of their selling routine.

Less time spent on research means more time spent in conversations with potential new customers. Check out our 3 tips to help reps book more meetings using Alyce and Chrome.


Your rep's personal gifting concierge

Finally, have real personal interactions at scale. Reps can send perfectly matched personalized gifts to all of their hard-to-reach prospects in seconds, without leaving the page they’re on.