Redefining B2B Marketing and Sales: The Manifesto

Here’s a big question for you: Do you believe B2B marketing and sales can be better? If your answer is, “Yes!”, then we have a charge for you.
Alyce Manifesto

Here’s a big question for you: Do you believe B2B marketing and sales can be better?

If your answer is, “Yes!”, then we have a charge for you.

At Alyce, we know in our hearts and souls that marketing and sales can be more human, more trustworthy, and more effective. And what we’ve found from speaking with and working with imaginative, ambitious, smart marketers and salespeople is that we aren’t alone.

So, let’s do something about it. Let’s commit to doing our part to make our profession better – for our careers, for the businesses we support, for our customers, and for the world around us.

This is our rallying cry.

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The Alyce Manifesto

Welcome to all the B2B marketing and sales professionals who are tired of having your efforts dismissed or deleted by your prospects and customers.

Welcome to all the B2B marketing and sales professionals who are sick of crossing your fingers and hoping a spray-and-pray tactic earns even a hint of engagement.

Welcome to all the B2B marketing and sales professionals who want to find better ways to collaborate across the sales-and-marketing-chasm for the greater good of the business.

Welcome to all the B2B marketing and sales professionals who are ready for a much-needed change.

You’re exactly who we’re looking for.

You know as well as we do how badly B2B brands need a major overhaul.

How do we know?

1. Our prospects are annoyed.

Our buyers’ guard is up. Their fingers are on the delete button.

This bombardment, this spamming, this day in, day out annoyance, comes from many directions.

Email. InMail. Calling. Direct mail. Texting. Banner ads. Social ads.

Buyers deserve better.

2. The approach to every sales and marketing channel has become take – not give – first.

It’s always: “Did you get my last email?” “I was calling to let you know of my company’s elevator pitch.” “You don’t know my brand, but want to wear our logo t-shirt?”

Instead of: “What would be meaningful for you?”

3. A manufactured metric has created a monster.

Marketers, we created a false god (that sales pros don’t believe in) and have worshipped it for years: the MQL.

The vast majority of the time, the MQL is a waste of time.

Yet when marketers’ goal is to get more MQLs, is it any wonder why we cast a wider net and send, send, send?

4. Sales and marketing misalignment breeds mistrust.

Marketers: sales people think you’re from another planet, working toward a different goal.

Sales pros: marketers feel like you speak a foreign language and that you don’t appreciate their efforts.

We’ve got to bridge the gap.

The worst part? This deep-rooted misalignment is hurting your prospects, too.

Prospects are annoyed. Our tactics need a refresh. Our metrics are failing us. Marketing and sales are misaligned.

But, hold on.

There is hope. This is not the end game.

We can do better – for our business, our buyers, and for B2B sales and marketing as a profession.

How do we turn this around?

It starts with committing to a better approach, one that is possible, one where we flip the script on what’s not working.

Flipping the script on those cold, hard truths about the state of marketing and sales starts here:

Sales and marketing can’t be take first. 

What we do has to be give first.

We have to start showing our prospects that we care about them as living, breathing people – not personas.

We know that people buy from people they like.

Would you like you based on the way you sell and market?

If we commit to a give-first approach to sales and marketing, then we earn what’s most valuable to our business:


Trust with our prospects and customers, and also among ourselves.

The give-first approach can bridge the divide between sales and marketing, starting with a simple question: “What do you care about?”

What matters to your business is what sales and marketing should be measuring success against – as one team.

That creates alignment. That creates trust.

And give-first doesn’t stop there. We also have to give to the future.

It might feel weird to say it, but we’re more powerful—more influential—than we realize. If change happens, it’s because we voice the need for it and then take action and inspire others.

 We’ve got to think about our planet. Sustainability needs to be a common thread woven into the way we do business.

We need to give to the next generation of leaders by volunteering our time and skills to mentor them.

And we have to give back to society. We need to use our power as sales and marketing leaders to lift up those around us.

It’s all possible:

More trusting prospects.

Happier customers.

Greater synergy between sales and marketing.

Stronger business results.

Better world around us and future waiting for us.

If you believe you can play a role in creating this reality, we hope you’ll join us.

A new era for B2B marketing and sales is here.

Join the Alyce movement, and let’s change B2B relationship-building and revenue generation for the better.

Does this rallying cry have you feeling some type of way (it does for us!)? Leave us a comment! We'd love to chat.

Personal Experience in Account Based Execution

July 1, 2019
Nina Butler
Nina Butler

A born-again Bostonian and Martha’s Vineyard native (yes, people do actually live there year-round), I attribute my passion for making personal connections in my personal and professional life to my neighborly Island roots. I joined Team Alyce in January 2019 to be a part of a bigger story and have a little fun while doing it :) . While not riding the startup roller coaster, I love spending time traveling with my unbearably cute niece and nephew, attending New England sports championship parades and taking in the sun and sea at my favorite local beaches.