Introducing Scheduled Gifting

Use Alyce's new scheduled gifting capabilities to get in front of prospects and customers at the right time and stick out from the crowd.
Introducing Scheduled Gifting

So Much To Do So Little Time

Sales reps are busy. You have people to reach out to, people to meet with, contracts to get across the finish line, and have to start the process all over again.

This leads to sales leadership being hyper-focused on their team’s productivity, making sure every member of the sales team is using their time the most effectively to build pipeline and close deals.

When business development representatives and account executives are making sure to block their calendars to make sure everything gets done in a timely manner, one-off activities don’t make the cut in a time blocker’s schedule.

That means that if your team uses a gifting tool like Alyce, you can only send gifts during the specified time block that you’ve set for yourself.

The problem with that is your prospects aren’t in the same time zone. Your prospecting block could fall under less than convenient timing for your prospects.

When using corporate gifting platforms getting in someone’s inbox at the right time critical to render a positive experience.

So our team did a deep dive to understand, on a cumulative basis, which days of the week and what times of day did we see the highest viewed and accepted gifts across all of our gift recipients.

We already knew, based on cumulative data from Q1-Q3 2020 as mentioned in our State of Gifting report, gift recipients are 32% more likely to view their gift, and 64% more likely to claim their gifts on Saturdays.

Scheduled Gifting Data

Not only do we see higher view and claim rates over the weekends, we also see higher view and claim rates during non-business hours.

Now, we don’t want you to be working over the weekend or outside of your normal working hours just to see better results on your gifting campaigns.

That’s why today Alyce is announcing Scheduled Gifting. Gift prospects and customers on your own time, while delivering invitations at times that make sense for your recipient.

Using the scheduled gifting capabilities can allow you to get in front of prospects and customers on days where there aren’t as many messages in their inboxes and allow you to stick out from the crowd.

How Can You Use Scheduled Gifting

Blitz Days

To enable gift senders to set aside time in their busy schedules to send out those personal gifts, a lot of our customers schedule Blitz Days, where reps will try to send gifts, follow up from previous gifts sent, or refine their list of gift recipients.

During these days, scheduled gifting can help you get ahead of your gifting for the rest of the week or even month depending on your contact engagement strategy.

Being able to schedule out a time for gifts to be sent can help save time later in the month when you want the attention of your team to be on closing deals or taking demos.

Take Advantage of UK Gifting

If you hadn’t heard, we launched Gifting for the UK and Ireland! If you have prospects in completely different countries and time zones than you, making sure you land in their inbox at the appropriate time is key – especially with different national holidays.

Using scheduled gifting you can make sure that your message always lands in the appropriate inbox at the appropriate time, no matter where your prospect lives.

Plan For Milestones

Does your prospect have a birthday coming up? A major life event? Schedule a gift to be sent to them on their special day so you don’t have to remember on the day of the event!

Sending gifts for your prospect’s personal and professional milestones can help build trust and foster a stronger relationship between you two.

Staying Ahead Of Schedule

Sometimes you just find that you have more time to get work done than others. Prepare for the ebbs and flows of the world of sales and schedule out gifts for weeks that you know you won’t always have the same amount of time you usually do.

Pro-tip: Taking time off this summer? Schedule gifts for when you’re away and book meetings while you relax!

Scheduled Gifting With Alyce

Enterprise companies use gifting to create bonds, drive loyalty, and earn trust with their prospects and customers. With Alyce, it’s easy to send a gift in under 5 minutes. However, an optimal time for a rep to send a gift may be less than optimal for a recipient to receive a gift.

Many reps have cadences they follow to send a gift out, but they aren’t always available to send a gift out at that time, because they’re held up in meetings or focusing on other important work items, or if they’re working with prospects in other work zones, they might just be sleeping.

That’s where scheduled gifting comes in. Now you can make sure that your gift lands in the right inbox, at the right time.


May 26, 2021
Team Alyce
Team Alyce