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[ mō-ˈmen-təm ] noun


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[ mō-ˈmen-təm ] noun


The strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes.

As marketers and sellers, we have a choice. Do we bombard our lists with impersonal, generic, and inauthentic outreach? Or do we invest in meaningful connections and lasting experiences? To create trust we must create experiences that are authentic and relatable.

We call those moments. Moments break your routine. Moments are surprising. Moments change the way you think. Turn moments into momentum and join us in a movement so big, there’s no stopping it.

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Come to YOUniverse for the education, stay for the entertainment, and ultimately leave with a deeper love and understanding of how to create moments in business.

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11 min

Welcome to YOUniverse

Welcome to YOUniverse, and strap in for a day designed to spark imagination and elevate the conversation around what is possible when we put YOU before ME in marketing and sales.

Photo of Greg Segall

Greg Segall

Chief Executive Officer at Alyce

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38 min

Delivering Moments to Build Strong Customer Relationships

Learn how to unite sales and marketing to identify and deliver memorable moments across your entire customer journey to surprise and delight your buyers.

Photo of Sydney Sloan

Sydney Sloan

CMO at Salesloft

Photo of Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips

Chief Revenue Officer at Alyce

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37 min

Automation Can Deliver Moments, Too

Listen to some of the biggest brands in the MarTech landscape explosion debate how to choose the right tech to deliver memorable experiences that drive momentum in the customer journey.

Photo of Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard

VP of Marketing & Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard

Photo of Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith

Head of ABX at 6sense

Photo of Mark Jung

Mark Jung

VP of Marketing at Dooly

Photo of Austin Hitchcock

Austin Hitchcock

Director of Account Development at Highspot

Photo of Darrell Alfonso

Darrell Alfonso

Global Marketing Ops Manager at AWS

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37 min

Critical Moments That Make Your Event Memorable

Want to know how you keep your event experience fresh? Learn from our resident panel of experts as they share examples on how to put the attendee experience first in your hybrid, in-person and virtual events.

Photo of Matilda Miglio

Matilda Miglio

Director of Demand Generation at Dandy

Photo of Amrutha Sridhar

Amrutha Sridhar

Field and Event Marketing Manager at Goldcast

Photo of Ashley Levesque

Ashley Levesque

VP of Marketing at Banzai

Photo of Mali Shimojo

Mali Shimojo

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Global Events at HubSpot

Photo of Janna Erickson

Janna Erickson

Director of Field Marketing and Events at Domino Data Labs

Photo of Genevieve Cashman

Genevieve Cashman

Strategic Account Manager at Staples

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33 min

Marketing Amidst the Digital Privacy Era

Our resident lawyers and privacy pros will break down how marketing can work with privacy teams to ensure they are on the right side of modern-day data laws.

Photo of Pedro Pavón

Pedro Pavón

Global Policy Director, Monetization Privacy & Fairness at Facebook

Photo of Andy Dale

Andy Dale

General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at Alyce

Photo of Andrea Migdal

Andrea Migdal

General Counsel at 6sense

Photo of Kathleen Patton

Kathleen Patton

General Counsel at CarGurus

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42 min

Award-Winning ABM Experiences Revealed

Grab your notebooks as you won’t want to miss ABM practitioners sharing their #1 most impactful account-specific campaign from their career and the type of momentum it created for their brands’ relationship with that account.

Photo of Becky Martins

Becky Martins

Head of FM and ABM North America at Zuora

Photo of Richa Pande

Richa Pande

Global Head, ABM Campaigns at HP

Photo of Jennifer Leaver

Jennifer Leaver

Senior Global ABM Manager at Bazaarvoice

Photo of Amber Bogie

Amber Bogie

Director of Demand Generation at Plug Power

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39 min

Harnessing the Power of Community

Notable community organizers join forces to discuss the ins and outs of starting a community and how to use it as a demand lever in a way that remains true to the community’s spirit.

Photo of Jared Robin

Jared Robin

Cofounder at RevGenius

Photo of Rowan Noronha

Rowan Noronha

Founder at Product Marketing Community

Photo of Sangram Vajre

Sangram Vajre

Host at Peak Community

Photo of Amy Volas

Amy Volas

Cofounder at Thursday Night Sales

Photo of Stephen Wilkins

Stephen Wilkins

Global Director of Sales Development at Dataminr

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30 min

Creating Experiences That Cause Conversation

In this fireside chat, learn why customers talk, and why they remain silent. Spoiler alert; it’s in large part to the memorable experiences you create for them along their journey with your brand.

Photo of Jay Baer

Jay Baer

President at Convince & Convert

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12 min

YOUniverse Closing

Hear what the future of marketing technology holds as we continue identifying, delivering, and delighting people through memorable experiences with our brands.

Photo of Daria Marmer

Daria Marmer

VP of Product & Design at Alyce

Photo of Kellie Borrero

Kellie Borrero

Senior Product Manager at Alyce

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YOU and us at YOUniverse!


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In marketing

Marketing automation has flooded email inboxes with generic and impersonal “touches.” Ew. “Touches.” The word “touches” gives us the chills. You wouldn’t want to walk through life being “touched” by strangers, right? Neither do we.

The key to ousting the “touch” is to leave a lasting positive impact. Watch our YOUniverse sessions to learn from the Moment Makers themselves how to take a “touch” and transform it into magic.

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In sales

Every deal, every customer matters. Which means the approach you take to building relationships is the difference between close lost and close won.

Learn how to use moments to build momentum for faster deal cycles, higher ACV, and more close won business. Watch our YOUniverse session recordings where the best minds in B2B share what it really takes to close more deals.

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