Stop Swag From Turning Into Trash

Save branded product waste from the trash heap by joining Alyce’s Swagback program to upcycle your goods back to the Boston community.

How it works

Swagback is a chance to give your unwanted branded products that have been piling up in your office a better home.


Step 1

You nominate your company to be one of five Swagback stars

Step 2

Alyce will coordinate a product pick up and redistribute your unwanted swag to local organizations in need

Step 3

Alyce will create your company’s digital marketplace with premium branded items you choose

Step 4

You give your customers or employees access to your marketplace where they select the complimentary products they want using credits that equal the full value of your donation

If you’re located in the Greater Boston area, have 1,000+ swag items to donate, and want to create a win-win-win for your business, your customers and our community, nominate your company today!

Swagback Application

Instant Swag Marketplace

On-demand premium swag, chosen by your customers



You can reach us at swagback@alyce.com