Alyce in Salesforce

Personal gifting, meaningful results

Measure Alyce's unique performance and scalability, with performance and tracking dashboards in Salesforce.


Pipeline & revenue, directly tied to Alyce

Prove to stakeholders how Alyce’s approach to re-defining direct mail is driving meaningful pipeline and real revenue.

Better tracking, better alignment

Never run a misaligned and disconnected direct mail program again. Keep marketing and sales working towards the same goals, with Alyce tracking dashboards in Salesforce.


One-to-one campaign tracking

All Alyce campaigns are directly synced to the Salesforce Campaign object, so you can report on Alyce the same way you report on other revenue driving programs.


Alyce & Salesforce FAQs

Is this a managed package?


What does the integration include?

Out of the box dashboards, custom “Gifts” object, visualforce element for page views.

How much does the integration cost?

There’s no additional cost for the integration- it is included in the platform cost.

Is this available in Classic & Lightning?


Which reports are included?

The Alyce Performance Dashboard, Alyce Admin Dashboard, and Alyce Sales Rep Dashboard are all included, with the ability to create additional custom reports and dashboards as well.