Salesforce + Alyce

Measure Alyce's unique performance and scalability,
with performance and tracking dashboards in Salesforce.

Alyce for Outreach Video

The Alyce tool allows us to extend the thoughtfulness and collaboration we have internally to our prospects. It's an excellent complement to our marketing strategy, as it allows our sales and marketing teams to progress prospects through funnels and have meaningful interactions.

— Will Pringle


Pipeline & revenue, directly tied to Alyce

Prove to stakeholders how Alyce’s approach to re-defining direct mail is driving meaningful pipeline and real revenue.

Better tracking, better alignment

Never run a misaligned and disconnected direct mail program again. Keep marketing and sales working towards the same goals, with Alyce tracking dashboards in Salesforce.


One-to-one campaign tracking

All Alyce campaigns are directly synced to the Salesforce Campaign object, so you can report on Alyce the same way you report on other revenue driving programs.