Alyce for Salesforce

Breaking into key accounts requires more than the common cadence, it begins with being personal. Alyce for Salesforce arms your sales team with the power of being personal within their workflow.

Alyce for Salesforce

First and foremost, Alyce has been one of the best prospecting tools we have ever used, and has immensely helped our pipeline generation. When it comes to the Salesforce integration, it has saved reps hours each week as the process is completely streamlined while also allowing them to stay organized.

— Zak Edington, Senior Corporate Sales Manager, Grubhub

Create bonds like you would face-to-face

The power of Alyce within a rep's workflow screenshot

The power of Alyce within a rep's workflow

Sales reps can easily build bonds and drive action with new accounts without interrupting their daily workflow. Reps can send a gift invitation to top prospects right from Salesforce. Once a gift is accepted see a prospect’s gift choice, and learn something new about them. Build rapport with conversations that stretch beyond business talk.

Clear pipeline attribution & reporting screenshot

Clear pipeline attribution & reporting

Because Alyce can require a meeting to accept a gift, pipeline attribution in Salesforce is easy. Prove to stakeholders how Alyce’s approach to re-defining direct mail is driving meaningful pipeline and real revenue.

Easily manage sales teams screnshot

Easily manage sales teams

See your team’s activity in the Salesforce dashboard; keep up to date on what invitations have been sent, gifts have viewed, and encourage reps to follow up. Alyce has several reports to help managers keep up with reps and help reps manage their Alyce gifts, so they’ll never miss an opportunity.

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