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Stay on top of the latest and greatest about data protection and privacy with hosts Andy Dale, Counsel at Alyce and Pedro Pavón, Privacy, Ads, and Data Policy at Facebook, we will meet up with our friends (revenge of the privacy nerds) in the data protection ecosystem to talk 80s, deep dive and ramble along on all things data privacy.


Featured: Season 2 Episode 5

Under Pressure

Time after time, Danielle Sheer has undertaken complex, mountainous challenges under intense pressure and come out the other side successfully. Her career defining moment may have been helping Carbonite IPO under massive pressure and scrutiny.
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Episode 1

32 min

The Breakfast Club

“You see us as you want to see us in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.” In this pilot episode, Andy Dale, General Council at Alyce and Pedro Pavón, Director and Senior Corporate Counsel at Salesforceshare their passion for being personal and how they are both raising the bar for the data protection industry to keep personal data well … personal.

Episode 2

33 min

Summer Rental

"Come on thru. I'm Joe Public, welcome to my beach." Julia Shullman, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at TripleLift, populates her social media with images of joy in beach towns around NY. What better movie to reflect her life balance than Summer Rental a John Candy classic. Julia is one of the most technical GCs we have come across and we will discuss her approach as a startup lawyer, CPO and business advisor.

Episode 3

36 min

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

“The question isn’t what are we going to do, it’s what aren’t we going to do”? This is very relevant for the story of Jules Polonetsky, CEO Future of Privacy Forum and his journey from real estate law, to politics, to AdTech and now to running what may be the foremost data privacy thinktank in the world.  He’s done it all and rarely takes a day “off.”

Episode 4

32 min

Blade Runner

“I’m not in the business, I am the business” With the dystopian backdrop of Bladerunner, our guest is Professor Eric Goldman, an outspoken critic of the CCPA and CPRA.  We go deep with Eric on the CCPA process, CPRA development and why these laws may not improve consumer privacy.

Episode 5

32 min


“Well, if that's the way it is done, then that's the way you must do it"

Practice in advertising issues in the US can often feel like wandering a maze of regulatory rules, enforcement actions and nebulous provisions. Luckily Alysa Hutnik who leads privacy and information security at Kelley, Drye & Warren is masterful at weaving through and finding practical solutions for companies big and small.

Episode 6

32 min


"Hey, hey! What's this I see? I thought this was a party. LET'S DANCE"

Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Product & Privacy at Twitter, Stephanie King, talks about Twitter’s principled belief in free expression. Stephanie believes in expression deeply and it has guided her on her career path and in her personal life.

Episode 7

32 min

The Goonies

“Goonies never say die.” Jurgen Van Staden has had a winding, twisting adventure, like saga of the Goonies. The Goonies is the theme here because the movie represents friendship, loyalty, risk-taking, and a rag-tag team, all themes of Jurgen’s work and life.

Episode 8

32 min

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

“Would it helped if I got out and pushed?” – Leia Organa

Our guest is Carl Gottlieb the “GDPR Guy”. Regulators are strapped for cash, but need to be thoughtful about regulatory enforcement. Big platforms have infrastructure and money to resist. Often different parties wonder…”would it help if I got out and pushed”?

Episode 9

32 min

The Three Amigos

Our guest is Vivek Narayanadas. These three Data Privacy and Culinary Amigos talk defending the data subject rights of the villagers of Santa Poco from the evil El Guapo (also known as the CCPA).

Episode 10

32 min

Wall Street

"The most valuable commodity I know of is information." Andy and Pedro are joined by Evan Bienstock and Jennifer Stanley. The 1987 movie Wall Street romanticizes deal-making. In reality, Tech companies, financing deals, M&A, IPO are incredibly unromantic. They are often just plain and simple hard work - especially where there are complex data issues at play.

Episode 1

32 min

Here I Go Again

"Here I go again" Andy and Pedro talk to Mark Kahn, GC at Segment, known for jumping into complex tech companies again and again - and producing exit worthy companies like WhatsApp and now Segment. He was a pivotal contributor to the legal team at Yahoo and other companies along the way.
Don't Stop Believin'

Episode 2


Don't Stop Believing

"Don't Stop Believing" Noga Rosenthal has been one of the lawyers at the center of the advertising technology industry’s self-regulation movement for over 10 years. A privacy expert, data enthusiast, thoughtful lawyer, Noga is at the top of her game.

Episode 3


I Wear My Sun Glasses At Night

"I Wear My Sun Glasses At Night"

Trevor has become one of a few leading voices in the space and does so with razor sharp insight across all vectors of privacy from health to finance, adtech to AI/ML. Being a privacy leader/lawyer can feel like wearing sunglasses at night.

Sachin Kothari

Episode 4


I Ain’t No Joke

Sachin Kothari is privacy royalty. He is an ad tech veteran but his experience includes many other areas within privacy. He has quietly built one of the best resumes in privacy and he definitely ain’t no joke.
Danielle Sheer

Episode 5


Under Pressure

Time after time, Danielle Sheer has undertaken complex, mountainous challenges under intense pressure and come out the other side successfully. Her career defining moment may have been helping Carbonite IPO under massive pressure and scrutiny.

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