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Gifting Best Practices

Effective outreach is about how personal you are. Whether you want feedback on your approach, guidance on messaging, or a gut check on your performance, these pro tips will help you get better responses from your gifts that will drive…

Marketing Gifting Campaign Templates

Marketers need a way to engage with prospects during the moments in their funnel that matter the most. Where trust is building and you can be a formative part of that person’s relationship with your business. The channel that's best…

Prospecting Sequences for Gifting

Writing the perfect follow-up is as simple as ABP. Now, you’ll need to learn how to perfect the timing of your follow up after sending an Alyce gift. The following sequences are best practices for building a follow-up cadence after…

Gift Follow Up Email Templates

To save you some time, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite email templates to use at certain milestones during the gifting cycle. The following moments are important and require an extra touch of personalization in your emails:

Prospect Thank You Email Templates