Thinking About Content With Context With Jared Sanders

Learn from Jared (Co-founder, Tobe Agency) on how he thinks about establishing two way flow and emotional resonance through media.
Jared Sanders, Office Hours

Jared Sanders was really into arts and crafts as a kit – he thinks that may be the reason why he became a creative later in life.

This creativity lead him to become a DJ after high school, where Jared not only taught himself graphic design, video and music production, and how to market himself, but learned of a concept we dive deeper into throughout the rest of the episode: He learned how to create a two-way flow with his audience.

DJ’s don’t just play the music that they like, they read the room and match their next music choice with the way the audience reacted to the last one. It’s essentially a live, ever updating feedback loop.

Jared took these learnings and applied them to his creative agency that he runs now. He helps his clients produce “content 2.0” as he likes to call it. Tobe Agency doesn’t just focus on written content, but helps clients product video and audio content as well.

Creating content in 2021 requires that same mindset of the live, ever updating feedback loop of the two way flow Jared was used to from his DJ days.

“I think number one is you have to be listening at all times, right? That’s just a big thing in just marketing in general or just media in general, you have to be listening to what sort of out there. Pay attention to the comments in, you know, the relative markets that you’re in. So if we’re dealing with a client that’s in X market, we should be really paying attention to what the other competitors or other people who are adjacent to that space that are, what are they talking about?”

One of the best things about Jared and Tobe Agency’s content strategy is that they have a common seasonal flow to them. You can always learn and iterate from season to season in your video or podcast series based on feedback from the last one.

But just producing one piece of content won’t create the feedback loop you may want to keep your two way flow moving.

That’s why Jared and MK agree that your content distribution strategy is just as important, if not more important, than your content creation strategy.

A podcast can be filmed and made into a video series. Those videos can be cut into clips to use for promotion, and the audio can be used to drive an entire written strategy behind the series.

Just like you’re reading right now.

And repurposing your content for different channels can help you relate to more people, in a more personal way.

“Maybe we’re creating a 30 minute podcast for a mass audience, which may only be 500 people. How do we get it down to the 10 people, five people, one person that’s going to read it. It’s putting it in the right place at the right time. The right context.”

Having not only a content creation strategy, but a content repurposing and distribution strategy will help build affinity for your brand that will keep your community coming back again and again.

To listen or watch the full episode check out the video up at the top of this post!


April 4, 2021
Team Alyce
Team Alyce