Relationships Matter: The New Alyce Help Center

At Alyce, we're in an interesting position. We support our customers and our customer's customers, so we take a personal approach to support.
The new Alyce Help Center

Hi! I’m Ethan and I manage the Support Team here at Alyce. I’m pretty new to Alyce, having joined in October of 2020.

I was most excited about the opportunity to build a Support Team that is focused on delivering the personal experience that is often ignored for bulk and sterile communications.

Since I joined, I’ve focused on projects to ensure that we’re ready to meet the needs of our customers and their recipients.

Our Support Philosophy: Always Be Personal

Our support motion is a little different here at Alyce. We’re not only supporting our customers using our platform, but we also support anyone who’s received an Alyce gift. That means that thousands of people – who may not know us very well – are looking to us to help them get what they need.

Regardless of if a support request comes in from a customer or a customer’s gift recipient, our support motion needs to uphold Alyce’s main value: Always be personal.

We’re responsible for making ourselves AND our customers look good. To take on that ambitious task, we needed the right resources and tools.

To get started, we hired two amazing individuals and started to really flex our helping muscles. We want to be available and responsive for our users, so we needed more hands on deck! This has moved us in the right direction so that every interaction we have with a customer or a gift recipient is as helpful, personal, and timely as possible.

Our most recent project is upgrading our knowledge base.

At Alyce, we have a support philosophy that goes beyond a single conversation. We want every interaction with our team to be positive; whether you are getting a response to an email, wondering where a gift is, getting help with a bug, or looking for a quick answer in our help center. For us, the relationship matters.

An important part of this experience is having a robust help center. This allows our users to find information about our platform, common processes, and best practices.

On Monday, we’re formally launching our new Knowledge Base that is easier for us to update, easier to browse, and integrated to our help desk.

We wanted to take things one step further. What is support without conversations?

Stick Around, We’ve Got Prizes


We’re really excited about the opportunities this gives us to better connect with you as well as the opportunities for us to quickly create new documentation. To celebrate, we invite you to come meet the team and to Gif for a Gift!

On Monday we’ll be turning on Live Chat in our Knowledge Base. Simply pop over to and find the chat box in the lower right corner of the screen.

Come say hello, ask about our 5to9s, and gif battle with us (we’ll let you start)!

We’ll review and pick one user with excellent gif skills to send a gift to on Monday the 29th.

Screen Recording 2021-03-18 at 05.28.45 PM

I’m super excited to continue building the personal experiences we want to deliver to our customers. I hope you’ll come say hi on Monday.

March 19, 2021
Ethan Walfish
Ethan Walfish