It Feels Good to Do Good

As we wade deeper into Q4 (and with Q3 a thing of recent memory), Team Alyce can’t help but reflect upon the impactful measures our customers and prospects continue to take, in order to make the world a better place.
Charities Helping COVID19 Relief

Last week marked “National I Care About You Day,” and it really got me thinking about all of the warm fuzzy sentiments Team Alyce receives, on a daily basis. After all, one of our core values (which we model our product and business ethic after), is “Give First, Give Consistently.” Here are some of my favorite Give First moments from Q3:

Record-Breaking Charitable Donations

Upon the receipt of an Alyce gift, recipients are given a choice to either accept, exchange, or donate their gift’s value to a charitable organization of their choice. On average, the value of 10% of Alyce gifts end up donated, and in Q3, we doubled the donations made by Alyce gift recipients from Q2! With contributions made to organizations like the Cancer Research Institute, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and the American Red Cross (to name a few), our customers and prospects, alike, are helping us change the world, one gift invitation at a time.

Alyce Love Stories

We receive thank you notes from Alyce gift recipients every day, and those that are particularly memorable make their way into an internal Slack channel we affectionately call #Alyce-Love. Scroll to see some of my favorite pay it forward moments from Q3!

My personal favorite story from Q3, however, comes from one of our Account Executives, Jordyn: 

“Seeing that recently received $100M, bringing them to unicorn status, I knew I had to send their CMO Jake Sorofman a celebratory gift. We’d met before at the Adobe Summit earlier this year, and I’ve always had great interactions with the team, so I was excited to be able to congratulate them outside of just an email or a “like” on LinkedIn.

To make sure it was clear that my intention was to send something celebratory, I chose the obvious – champagne! Even in my note, I referenced the fact that Jake was already likely swimming in champagne. Surely I wasn’t the first person to associate this moment with the festive drink. But since Alyce gives gift recipients the power of choice to accept the gift chosen for them based on their interests (or the occasion), exchange the gift for something they would like better, or even donate the value of the gift to a charity of their choice, I didn’t have to worry for a second that this bottle of champagne would end up collecting dust as a thoughtful, but ultimately wasteful sentiment.

Jake was thrilled to receive the gift and very grateful for the thought. Being familiar with Alyce, Jake immediately took the action of donating the value of the gift to a charity close to his heart. He donated to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Mental Health and Disabilities.

Team Alyce is incredibly grateful for the small acts of kindness we’re lucky enough to witness through our platform. Our colleague Suhayl Ramirez says it best – “it [just] feels good to do good!”

How does your organization Give First? Let us know in the comments section, below!

November 1, 2019
Team Alyce
Team Alyce