Giving Thanks & Giving First

Our Workplace Coordinator, Zach Capozzi, reflects on the unique ways Team Alyce has embraced the season of giving.

Growing up, one of my favorite books was Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree.” So, it comes as no surprise that of Alyce’s four core values, the one that resonates the most is “Give First, Give Consistently.” As Workplace Coordinator, I’ve made it my mission to consistently give first to Team Alyce; whether it’s by keeping the kitchen stocked with my coworkers’ favorite snacks, or making our office as comfy and productive of a space as possible, I take pride in my role as “House Dad.”

As we entered into the month of November – the ultimate season of giving – I started brainstorming some ways that Team Alyce could give back to our community. By participating in volunteer outings with organizations like Operation Gratitude (donating candy to deployed soldiers and first responders), and Cradles to Crayons (helping supply children with toiletries and other essentials), my coworkers are consistently given the opportunity to Give First.

(Pictured: Zach and other members of Team Alyce volunteering for Cradles to Crayons last week.)


And, drawing some inspiration from my favorite childhood story, I offered up a fun way for Team Alyce to reflect on our own blessings. Just last week, I handed out pre-cut paper leaves and asked my coworkers to think long and hard about the things they are thankful for. Though I made it clear that they could write down anything – the tree didn’t exclusively have to host Alyce-centric mentions of gratitude – a number of teammates cited “my team,” “the Alyce family,” and “our office” as the things they are thankful for. As the person whose day-to-day revolves around making sure my coworkers are equal parts happy and secure, those sentiments absolutely warm my heart.

(Pictured: Zach in front of Alyce’s “Tree of Thanks.”)


Now, with our very own “Tree of Thanks,” it is my hope that Team Alyce will not only look to it as a pillar of reflection but also as motivation to continue Giving First.

November 27, 2019
Team Alyce
Team Alyce