Leaving a Mark

For the 17th post in our corporate values series, Madeleine Guttuso has big dreams for future Alyce synonyms.

Always leave your mark. My grandmother imparted these words on me at a very young age. At first, I was not entirely sure (and maybe I was too young to understand) what she meant. Did she expect me to sign my name everywhere I went? Or make my presence known at all times in a room full of people? Maybe it was a mix of both… though I do not think vandalization was her true intention.

As I matured, I realized that I should not interpret the phrase literally. Rather, it should be a metaphorical approach to leaving my mark. Do not be remembered for just your name, but how you are challenging others to push the envelope. Draw from the knowledge you gained and create your own playbook instead of following one.

Being able to go beyond boundaries is what initially drew me to Alyce. One of our core values is to “Unwrap the Possibility,” and that is exactly how everyone operates. We know we are pushing boundaries with traditional marketing and changing the way sales teams need to operate in today’s business climate.

We are setting out to leave our mark in the personalization space and challenging the status quo as a result.

Alyce emboldens me to draw upon my personal experiences to think of the most forward-thinking solutions for our customers and our internal team. I now realize that “Leaving my Mark” is synonymous with “Unwrapping my Possibility,” much like we will make personalization synonymous with Alyce the way sports drink is to Gatorade.

September 20, 2019
Team Alyce
Team Alyce