Send Multiple Personalized Business Gifts at Once with Bulk Gifting

Need to send many amazing Alyce corporate gifts at once? This feature was made for you. One of the most requested features by our customers was to send many Alyce corporate gifts at once. And now, bulk gifting has never…

Need to send many amazing Alyce gifts at once? This feature was made for you.

One of the most requested features by our customers was to send many Alyce gifts at once. And now, bulk gifting has never been so personalized. Until today. See how easy it is…


Send 10 or 10,000 gifts in 60 seconds

Choosing one personalized gift is hard enough without Alyce.

But what if you wanted to send 10, 500 or 10,000 personalized gifts in bulk at once? #SelfCheckoutChaos

So… Fear not. Alyce has your back.

Starting today, you can import Alyce personalized gifts in bulk and watch the perfectly matched gift suggestions roll in.

The overall time investment to import multiple Alyce gifts?

60 seconds.

You’re welcome 😉


How Bulk Gifting works


Step 1

Once you log into your dashboard, you’ll see the option to Send Many Gifts. Click it to get started.

Boom. Just like magic, you’ll be given the option to download a spreadsheet template to guide you through the quick gift import process.

Disclaimer: This is so easy to fill out that my brother’s 9-year-old kid did it (and she nailed it).

So now it’s your turn… No pressure.


Step 2

Simply enter the first name, last name, and email address of all of your lucky recipients. These are the only required fields.



Step 3

Upload the spreadsheet to watch your perfectly matched gift suggestions roll into your inbox.

That’s it! Simple as that.


During this process, you’ll be given the chance to name the gift import, set a default gift budget that applies for all of the gifts, and choose the number of options you’d like to receive.

Alyce will normally pick the top three gifts for each recipient and you may choose your favorite out of the three. But if you’d like to skip this process, you may choose to have Alyce pick the best option automagically for you. In this case, Alyce will pick the single best gift for each of your recipients right away. Note: You can also tell Alyce to send the same gift to all or groups of your recipients (think different tiers or budgets).


Taking bulk gifting up a notch

As we said before, bulk gifting has never been so personalized, until today. Here are a few more things you can personalize when sending Alyce gifts in bulk:

Assign an individual budget for each gift

Don’t want to apply a different budget to each of your gifts? Here’s your solution.

On the template spreadsheet, you can specify the gift budget for each one of your gift recipients. Here’s an example:


Decide the personalization level of your gifts

Choose between a “Perfectly matched”, “Not too personal”, or a “Shareable” gift.


And much more…


  • Relationship: Your relationship with the gift recipient.
  • Reason: The reason for gift.
  • Interests: The gift recipient’s known interests, or your gift ideas. If you have a specific gift you want, place it in this field.


Access your dashboard to start sending out bulk gifts now! Don’t have an account, yet? Get yours now, for free.

Sending an Alyce gift has always been about that deeply satisfying experience for both the gift recipient and the sender. We believe in delivering a moment of true happiness, every time – and want to make it dead easy for everyone to do it. Bulk gifting is an example of the powerful features we constantly introduce to make gifting easier for you.

If you have any thoughts on features you’d like us to prioritize, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at , or tweet us at @AlyceGifts.


October 21, 2016
Team Alyce
Team Alyce