Alyce All-Stars Featuring Sam Schooley

Oaklander, Dungeon Master, and Clown College Legacy, learn more about what makes Sam Schooley a Personal Experience All Star!
Sam Schooley Alyce All Star

About this program

The Alyce All-Stars program exists to highlight Alyce Customers and Friends who have mastered the art of “personal experience.”

An All-Star prioritizes Building Rapport, Earning Trust, and Generating Loyalty over making someone feel like just another face in the crowd.

All-Stars challenge the status quo and – while they’re not officially Alyce employees – we consider them an extension of our team. They find creative ways to infuse our core values of Give First, Give Consistently, Be Crafty, Seize the Present, and Unwrap the Possibility into their unique way of doing business.

This week’s All-Star is Sam Schooley, SDR Manager at PostClick.

Sam Schooley All-Star

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Q: Share with us some of your personal interests. 
I’m super nerdy. I love sci-fi and fantasy. I actually got my first start cold calling playing Dungeons and Dragons. Believe it or not in college. Because what’s a cold call. It’s just you doing a performance for a stranger, right? That’s what’s beautiful about Dungeons and Dragons, it’s just all improv, it’s all creativity.

I also love sci-fi and fantasy tv so I just binged Wanda Vision this past weekend with my partner and our housemates absolutely loving that.

I’m really big into mental health and education reform. I see their intersections everywhere. I actually used to work in politics before I came into sales.

Other than that I love hiking and going and exploring new places. Can’t do much of that now responsibly because of the pandemic.

Q: What was your first AIM screen name or email address and what was the story behind it?
I had two that I was running simultaneously, one when I was playing video games online. And then one with my friends. The first was Schooley Kid for the last name. The other one was a School Boy Jew, like School Boy Q but I’m jewish so it’s a play on my last name and heritage.

Q: What song is on repeat right now for you?
I have two right now, one is Rich Girl by Hall & Oates, which was one of our hype songs when I was an SDR, so it brings me back to those moments in the trenches.

And recently my partner has been playing a lot of Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo so we’ve both been listening to that song on repeat.

And then I’ve also been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean, so songs like Nike, Chanel, and Forrest Gump are also on repeat for me.

Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A space lawyer. Because my dad was a lawyer. So I thought I had to be a lawyer too, but I want to be an astronaut. So I thought space lawyer would be a good compromise.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the place where you live? Why and how do you take advantage of it?
So I live in downtown Oakland, which believe it or not is the sales development capital of the world.But the coolest thing about Oakland is I can throw a rock at my I’m in my apartment downtown and I can hit amazing cuisine from any part of the world.

On top of that Oakland’s been doing some really amazing policy work to combat racism in the city, especially with such a diverse population, it’s exciting to see that we’re making strides in the right direction.

We also don’t get the same weather as San Fransisco being away from the bay, so we get more sun and less fog for sure.

Q: What’s something you consider yourself to be ok at but not great at?
Juggling. My parents actually met at a clown college reunion.

My dad joined the circus out of high school and my mom quit her first job out of college to both join the circus, but they weren’t in at the same time, but either way, the circus kind of runs in my DNA.

So I like to juggle and perform and all that, but I’m not at my parents level.

Q: What is the best gift you have ever received?
When I was 21, my parents sat me down and they pulled out a box that was older than 21 years old. And they told me that when I was born, they went through all of their friends and their loved ones in their family and then they asked each of them to give me a gift for baby Sam, but for when he turned 21.

So all of the gifts come from my friends, some of whom they’re still best friends with today, some of whom I’ve never met because people grow apart.

But, one of the gifts was from my grandfather who died before I was old enough to meet him. I inherited his trumpet. He was a jazz musician that performed with some of the greats in the 70’s and I’ve played trumpet throughout school so I get to carry on his legacy with his trumpet which is really special.

Q: Beach, safari, or forest vacation?
Beach, 100%. I’m just singing that song “Let’s go to the beach beach, let’s go get away”, I love the beach.

Q: If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
It’s not a race. Slow down.

Q: Would you rather be an olympic gold medalist or win a nobel prize? And why?
Nobel Prize 100%.

Q: Are you a morning person or a night owl? How do you like to start your day?
I’ve always been a night owl but my girlfriend wakes up early for her job so now I’m early to bed, and early to rise and feel so old!

Q: How did you meet your childhood best friend?
I have two best friends. We were all in little league together and then were in the same kindergarten class. From there our parents became friends, then we all had younger siblings that became friends so we all stayed connected.

Q: If you could live through any event in history, what event would that be? Why would you want to live through that event?
It’s like that Hamilton quote “History has its eyes on you”.

Like how interesting of a time are we living in that we’re seeing the end of the hedge motto of America, we’re seeing this global pandemic, and we’re seeing successful States and we’re seeing failed nation States.

We’re in this time where there’s incredible economic growth for the elite, but there’s none for the working class and that’s super problematic. And so, I think we’re at this tipping point where we get to make active decisions about how we want to be involved with society.


April 2, 2021
Team Alyce
Team Alyce