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Why GTM teams choose Alyce

When selecting a gifting platform, it's important to know the details that make all the difference in team alignment and scale, user and recipient experiences, conversions, sustainability, and your budget.

"The difference was
night and day."

Brandon Ray,
Alyce Super Fan & Gifting Expert

Brandon Ray Alyce Super Fan

“It's just so much easier to use.
The UX is better, the UI is better. More importantly, the experience for the gift recipient is so much better and so seamless."

What our customers have to say

Direct Delivery from Alyce

A lot has been unwrapped lately

You asked. We delivered. Big.

Just some of the new features you should see include:

  • ROI & Impact Dashboards & Robust Reporting Suite: See and share the impact your gifting has on creating and accelerating deals across your org. Also available: powerful data analysis capabilities at your fingertips, featuring interactive dashboards that can be filtered by campaigns, teams, users, gift types, invitation method, and more.
  • Alyce for Influitive Integration: INSTANTLY turn customers into loyal advocates by rewarding them for their brand-promoting work.
  • Instant Gift Invites: Launch demand-gen campaigns to unknown recipients to build new audiences—but capped to stay in budget.
  • Direct Delivery: Gifters can enter their recipient's physical address to send swag directly, without a heads up, to surprise and delight.
  • Budgeting Enhancements: Make set-up easy for your admins to manage teams, users, and individual budgets – offering flex without overspending.
  • Multiple Email Prospecting Templates & Tracking: Boost your prospecting results with easy gift email templates to test, track, and prioritize higher-performing messages.
  • Scrolling Thank-Yous: See an aggregated view of your recipients' responses, because not all impact can be measured in numbers and dollars.

Watch for more feature launches, UI/X enhancements, and integration updates coming soon!

Different. by design.

Built for how GTM Teams work and how people buy

We were born in tech, not a fulfillment house-turned-tech. That means everything we do centers on helping you drive conversions (aka next steps), in a way that's efficient, scalable, and sustainable.

Gifting to drive revenue
Recipient-first experiences

Technology-first provider means we have the agility to help businesses and RevGen teams deploy a recipient-first, ‘gifts-accepted’ model to grow revenue over the entire customer lifecycle.

We deliver experiences people actually want, resulting in higher engagement, responses, and impact, not waste.

Typical gifting providers high overhead

Unlike swag-centric, gift-sending, or fulfillment providers who carry high overhead costs and warehouses, inventory, markup, and non-refundable gift-deposit pricing models.

We partner with the best to manage Swag OnDemand and Swag Complete for customers who don’t want the in-house or management hassle.

How we compare


Alyce prioritizes the gift-recipient and user experience, relationship-building through personal experiences at scale, and sustainable use and budgeting and environmental responsibility.

Sendoso prioritizes brand-building through swag, warehousing, and logistics. While positioned as a sending platform, its approach is heavily slanted as a fulfillment provider.

Reachdesk prioritizes creating touches to start conversations. Limitations prevent full recipient experiences, meaningful engagement, and ROI.

Postal.io prioritizes offering smaller organizations a cheaper alternative for an entry point, with some tradeoffs in onboarding and adoption/use and post-sale markup costs.

why customers choose alyce over other platforms

For more side-by-side comparison of leading platforms, the must-have features for your needs, and why customers choose Alyce, get our Gifting Platform Comparison Guide.

Where we really shine

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"Alyce is so much easier to use"

  • Built as a SaaS platform from day one, not an add-on
  • Designed similar to ABM, Intent, MAP, and CRM tools teams are familiar with
  • No copy/paste workarounds for faster results and scale
  • Linear gifting flow for easy navigation and campaign management
  • Simple recipient experience makes it easy to know just where to click

Others offer similar experiences but see steeper learning curves due to complex customization options, which can make all the difference in recipient conversions and team adoption.

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Personalization that moves the needle

  • Heavy emphasis on 5to9™ interests for gift suggestions, discoverable through AI and social media
  • Power-of-Choice™ lets recipients exchange for any number of gifts, gift cards, or charities
  • Required actions (optional) let recipients book a meeting, conveniently and inline with their acceptance flow
  • Full range of customization: from gift invitations to landing pages, messaging, templates, custom marketplaces of thousands of gifts, experiences, gift cards, and charities – and a range of packaging options

Others, while offering some customization, do not have as many options as Alyce and can make all the difference in total results.

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Sustainable for the planet and your budget

  • Experience resulting in gifts people actually want, not destined for the trash
  • Choice to accept, exchange, donate, or opt out
  • Pay for what you use – gifts or donations accepted
  • No surprise pricing with all-in gift costs (including tax/shipping)
  • Redemption Card alternatives mean no more hauling wasteful swag to events
  • In-app robust tracking, reporting, and analytics for performance and enhancements

No crazy markup fees for seats, teams, accepted gifts, gift invites, storage and warehousing, and contract terminations, which can make all the difference in budget tracking and overall ROI.

Saving the best for last

Getting up and running is easy with Alyce

Getting started with Alyce is easy

We take pride in creating a streamlined onboarding experience, tailored to your unique needs. After onboarding, you'll be paired with a dedicated CSM to fast-track your success and help ensure your ongoing impact.

We'll take 98% GREAT for customer happiness score any day!

98% Happy

Touted as the best Support Team, customers get quick answers to everyday questions, plus ongoing tips to see faster time-to-value and overall gifting results. We're thrilled to be recognized by popular review sites for being the easiest to do business with.

  • < 2-hour average response time
  • Insightful customer success strategies and benchmarks
  • Trending gifts and top-performing campaign considerations
  • Marketplace request fulfillment
  • Customer-influenced platform enhancements (we listen!)