Scaling 1-to-1 outreach is hard.
Well, it used to be.

Re-energize your sales and marketing outreach with the only gifting platform that provides personal connections at scale.

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Some of Our Amazing Customers
Some of Our Amazing Customers

First-Class Gifting Experience

Break through with a personal approach

Give reps their most effective tool for connecting with hard-to-reach prospects in a thoughtful and relevant way, using Alyce’s personal interest data and perfectly-matched gift recommendations.

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scalable sending
scalable sending
Perfect follow up Perfect follow up
Personalized Outreach at Scale
Personal Outreach at Scale

Turns out, one-size-does-not-fit-all

Say goodbye to time spent researching prospects, searching for addresses, and coordinating shipping. Alyce takes care of it all, so you can connect personally with everyone on your list.

The power of choice

Accept, exchange, or donate

Every Alyce gift invitation comes with the Power of Choice. That means prospects can choose to accept, exchange, or donate the gift value to charity. This ensures they receive a delightful experience while you receive additional personal insights.



pipeline generated to spend ratio

access management company


pipeline goal achieved

enterprise security company


engagement rate on average

access management company

Enterprise Management & Optimization

The most advanced and precise direct mail and swag tracking

Finally, a real way to track direct mail engagement and ROI for the enterprise. Know exactly when prospects interact with gifts, and how all gifting efforts impact pipeline and revenue.

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Enterprise Management Optimization with Alyce
The Alyce Difference

Alyce creates a first-class gifting experience at scale

First-Class Gifting Experience

Prospect research
Prospect research
Perfectly-matched gifts
Perfectly-matched gifts
Power to choose
Power to choose
Validating addresses
Validating addresses
Measurement & tracking
Measurement & tracking

without Alyce

30+ mins
per prospect
30+ mins
sourcing gift
Not possible
47% average accuracy
Limited tracking

with Alyce

0 mins
per prospect
Perfect gift every time
Delight and surprise
96% accuracy
+ hours saved
Precise tracking & ROI measurement
+ deep integrations
without Alyce with Alyce
30+ mins
per prospect
Save 30 minutes
Our Customers

See why customers love Alyce

Swag is much more of a high-level relationship play. At least meaningful swag. Nobody needs any more stress balls, or business card holders.
Robert Rose Content Marketing Institute

Sending personalized gifts to prospects is a great door opener and has led to hundreds of meetings for our team. I’ve used PFL and Sendoso in the past and Alyce is by far my favorite direct mail solution

Lillian Smith Sr. Demand Manager, Marketo (Adobe)

Alyce makes tracking effectiveness easy. It’s an excellent complement to our marketing strategy, as it allows our sales and marketing teams to progress prospects through the funnel and have meaningful interactions.

Will Pringle VP of Demand Generation

Alyce has allowed me to break into numerous accounts and meet with the key decision-makers to build opportunities and close more business. The ROI is far greater than any other program I have used in the past 10 years!

Pete Preston Account Executive, Lenovo
Abbie Croseen
Abbie Croseen Business Development Representative, Fuze
John Anthony

Alyce lets us break into bigger and more complex accounts in a faster and more efficient way.  Being able to give a gift related to someone’s core interests or hobbies has allowed us to book meetings in days rather than weeks.

John Anthony Enterprise BDR, Bandwidth