Harness the power of gifting to win customers

Harness the power of ✨ Alyce gifting ✨ to win even MORE customers

"Best invention ever."

average conversion for sales prospecting and deal acceleration campaigns

average conversion for marketing door opener, event, and partner campaigns

this year's must-do's:

• Grow pipeline by increasing outreach responses
• Accelerate revenue growth

The key to growing and accelerating pipeline to grow revenue is to first create the spark – for initial and recurring conversations.

Leaning in with a gift is proven to yield higher responses by showing prospects and customers you've invested in them, instead of pushing a personal agenda. Gifting has that 'it factor' which creates more double-takes and ultimately higher conversions than traditional tactics.

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Megan Knox, Alyce AE & Gifting Pro
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Traditional marketing and sales tactics fall short

making it awfully noisy out there


of recipients report spam based only on the subject line

6 in 10

prospects think sales emails are irrelevant


is the average click-thru rate for marketing emails

“We got on a demo call with Alyce and were blown away by what it was capable of doing–we signed 2 weeks later!”


Whitney Donaldson, Director of Demand Generation, impact.com

A true, and impact-full, success story:
  • 625x return
  • 250 meetings booked
  • Over $25,000 in NMRR

How leading companies are leaning in with value to cut through the noise

see how Gifting Helped This Marketing Team Grow Pipeline by 50%

Whitney Donaldson of impact.com and her team needed a way to show the influence of gifting on their Closed Won deals.

Whitney has been instrumental in shaping impact.com’s demand generation strategies, particularly in the realms of affiliate and influencer programs.

The challenge 
The primary challenge for impact.com was to remain resilient and effective in the face of economic uncertainties and increasing advertising costs.

The opportunity
The goal was to engage prospects more meaningfully and strategically without inflating the budget—a crucial step for sustaining growth and market presence.

The results
Whitney and team used Alyce [gifting] and 6Sense [right-time intel] together to target prospects at the optimal stage of their buying journey, significantly increasing engagement and conversion rates.

And by tailoring gifts to prospects’ interests and causes, this approach crucially improved the acceptance and effectiveness of their gifting campaigns.

Additionally, with every dollar spent being tracked, impact.com needed a way to demonstrate the influence of gifting on closed-won deals. Their previous gifting solution did not offer this type of reporting.

"We're actually contributing 50% of new business company pipeline and revenue right now. That is a huge accomplishment."

See the full story here.

built for how gtm teams work & how people buy

💙'd by Recipients, Marketing, Sales, and C/S teams
... not to mention Finance & Ops

Born in tech, driving conversions for you is all we know

That means everything we do centers on helping you capture next steps – in a way that's efficient, scalable, and sustainable.

Successful business people giving each other a high five in a meeting. Two young business professionals celebrating teamwork in an office.

Loved by your

  • AI/human-aided gift suggestions for 'how did you know' moments
  • Gift exchange from 1000s of options people actually want
  • Gifts for everyone: physical, gift cards, charities, and more
  • Retail-inspired non-branded gifts PLUS branded swag options
  • Gift cards from every major provider
  • Unique artisanal wow-inducing options
  • Physical invitations - or handwritten notes for VIPs

Loved by your

  • Easiest gifting platform to use (G2)
  • Branded emails and invitation landing pages using your logo, color palette, and optional 1:1 video messages
  • Custom Marketplaces: for themed or seasonal campaigns
  • Virtual Event Experiences: digital gift codes (no hauling swag)
  • Branded Swag gift options
  • Swag OnDemand (pay only for gifts accepted)
  • Integrated with SF, HubSpot, Marketo, 6sense, Influitive, and Sales tools
  • Global reach
  • Support Team loved by users!

Loved by your

  • Required gift action (optional) to secure more meetings
  • Power-of-Choice™ exchanges ensures more conversions
  • Post gift CTA keeps buyers taking next steps
  • CRM integration means instant use, adoption, and results
  • Gift status views to know immediately when gifts are viewed, accepted, and exchanged
  • ROI dashboards for impact on pipeline and closed/won's

Loved by your

  • All costs included up-front: no crazy mark-ups, no hidden fees, no use-it-or-lose-it penalties
  • No prepaid wasted gift spend or need to burn through
  • Gift values are all-in costs (item, tax, and shipping)
  • No funds withheld when a contract is up
  • NO added cost per user (no seat licenses)
  • Pay for gifts accepted (not gifts sent)
  • ROI dashboards, robust reporting, and analysis to track results
  • Dedicated CSM for quick time-to-value