Swag Select™

Your own premium swag marketplace, that puts your fans in charge

Turn "Stuff We All Get" into "Stuff We All Love" with Alyce's patent-pending Swag Select™


Reward fans of your brand, at the right Pivotal Moments TM

Turn your champions and advocates into evangelists by letting them choose premium swag at Pivotal Moments™ in their customer journey.


Swag they choose, swag they'll use

Delight fans of your brand and build trust by giving them the power to choose the premium swag that they want.

Eliminate the inventory headache

No more inventory investment or fulfillment headaches. You send the invitations, Alyce does the rest.
The Right Swag At The Right Time

Delight customers and prospects with branded gifts at the right Pivotal MomentsTM

Awareness > Consideration

Post Event Follow Up

Give premium Swag to fans of your brand who visited you at an event.


Renewal and Expansion

Show your appreciation for your loyal customers.

Conversion > Loyalty

Welcome Gift

Show customers you’re thrilled to have them on board with Swag they’ll love.

Loyalty > Advocacy

Customer Retention

Build and maintain customer relationships, give promoters branded gifts of their choice.