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What is Alyce?

People use Alyce to help them get you the perfect gift-- and if you don't like it, you can choose from thousands of others or donate your gift's value to charity.

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The Alyce gift marketplace contains newly curated options from thousands of the hottest retailers. There's something unique for everyone-- whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, oyster lover or doomsday prepper.


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People love getting gifts through Alyce

Thank you so much for the awesome gift. It’s perfect and what I always wanted.

— Ada S.

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OMG. Thank you so so very much for this gift. I LOVE LOVE gardening! Never seen Alyce before, what a great idea!

— Belle V.

Thanks for my gift! I already had the one you picked out for me so I switched. Guess you know my taste 😉

— Lillian G.

What wonderful gift options, Alyce! Thanks so much for the Kindle Fire. I know I’m going to love it!

— Addie W.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift. Looking forward to many years with you!

— Shawn H.

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We build strategic partnerships with brands and companies to provide tons of options. Your gift options can include everything from unique gifts and virtual products (like gift cards) to fun and unique experiences or subscription services! Your recipients can also choose to donate their gift value instead.

Alyce bases its gift suggestions on information that is pulled from their social media accounts. Alyce can also provide popular gift options in our platform. Remember that you can’t go wrong. Whatever you choose, your recipient will always be able to donate the value to a meaningful charity or exchange for another equally valued gift.

Not a problem! We are here to help, Simply click “select different options” and tell us why these gift options didn’t quite work. We will then head back to the drawing board and get new options over to you ASAP.