Momentum Makers Webinar Series - Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience Best Practices
Webinar Series

How to blend intent data & personal gifting to reach into buyers' hearts and minds

What you'll learn

Many people talk about intent data, but few show it in action — until now.

As buyers research pains, products, and solutions, they become more receptive to relevant sales and marketing interactions.

How can we act on these intent signals? Are there distinct advantages to sales-led or marketing-led tactics?

Experts from Alyce and 6sense break down proven methods and gifting ideas to get buyers excited for your brand and product.

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This session covers


Why brands must nail their experience
at every step of the customer journey


What intent data should you track to reach buyers when they're ready


How to engage buyers with personal gifting, plus actionable tips, best practices, and risks

Meet your hosts

Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith
Head of Account-Based Experience,

Nina Butler from Alyce

Nina Butler
Sr. Director of Revenue Marketing,

Ernest Owusu

Ernest Owusu
Sr. Director of Sales Development,

Who Are Momentum Makers

As marketers, we have a choice. We could bombard our audiences with the same message and hope they'll listen. Or, we could deliver a lasting impact by being personal, relevant, and thoughtful.

If you prefer to delight and impress your audiences, you're a Momentum Maker. This series showcases how to use gifting in your tech stack to drive momentum throughout the customer journey.

Join us in using Outbound Love to win over more customers, delight them, and multiply your team's success.

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