Start Holiday Gifting Early

Holiday gifts that they actually want

Don't just send generic gifts to your customers. Alyce researches each person to find the perfect gift. They get a handwritten card to let them know you care. We take care of the logistics. You get all the customer love.

How it works

1. Upload your list of customers so that Alyce's AI can research the perfect gift for each of them. Do this in October and set the send date to December!

2. Alyce sends each customer a handwritten card with your custom holiday greeting and a code to get their unique gift.

3. When your customers receive their cards with their gift code they can choose to accept, exchange or donate the value through the Alyce marketplace

Gifts they want

Alyce finds the perfect gift for everybody

From pet lovers to outdoor adventurers to doomsday preppers, Alyce's curated marketplace of 30,000 gift options has something for everyone.

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Frequently asked questions

What information about my customer do I need?

Name, work e-mail and address (where you want the card shipped). Don't have an address? Not a problem, recipients can still receive your message and gift via e-mail.

What gift do they get?

All of your customers get a unique gift based on their intersts. Alyce’s AI researches them online and picks out a gift they will love.

What does my customer get in the mail?

They get a holiday-themed card, shown above, with a note written by a “handwriting machine” that contains the message that you choose. We have a few template options for you to pick from and customize.

What if my customer doesn’t love their gift?

They can choose to exchange it or donate it ont he Alyce marketplace. The note they recieve has a gift code on it that is unique to each customer.

Ready to spread holiday cheer to your customers?