The #HandwashChallenge 👏

People around the world have been told to wash their hands to stay safe, keep those around us safe, and make sure we’re practicing proper hygiene. 

At Alyce, our goal is to help those around us give back. So we thought there was no better way to do both than to introduce the #HandwashChallenge.

Please help us help others!...and have a little fun while you're at it.💖

Alyce will donate $10 per person to Direct Relief, for the first 150 participants to join the #HandwashChallenge!

How you can help 🙋

  1. Film yourself washing your hands for 20 seconds to your favorite jam.
  2. Post to LinkedIn and use #HandwashChallenge. Tag 2 people and nominate them to do the challenge.
  3. Donate below and mention in your post!
    (Optional... but ❤️ forever if you do!)

How to donate 💝

We’ve teamed up with Millie, the new way to facilitate charitable giving, to create 3 collections of nonprofits all focused on aiding those affected by COVID-19.

Thank you! ❤️️ Alyce

You can choose any of the nonprofits from these collections to donate to and help the cause.

Alyce will match up to $10 for the first 150 participants!

All participation and donation is voluntary. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to sara@alyce.com