One-to-one Gifting

Scalable, personal B2B gifting for each Pivotal MomentTM

Engage, follow up, and connect more thoughtfully with prospects and customers by offering perfect-match gifts that make a lasting impression.


Thoughtful invitations, better connections

Generic or gimmicky direct mail tactics can be annoying and easy to ignore. Set more meetings and delight your customers with personal invitations that get attention and spur action.

Find the perfect gift for everyone

Alyce’s AI matches a person’s interests with gifts so you can stand out from the one-size-fits-all pack.


BlueApron (3 Month Subscription)
from BlueApron


Tablet Holding Cutting Board
from UncommonGoods


Walking Food Tour of Chicago for 2
from Cloud 9 Living

BlueApron (3 Month Supscrption)
from BlueApron

Tablet Holding Cutting Board
from UncommonGoods

Tablet Holding Cutting Board
from Cloud 9 Living

Simple and scalable sending experience

With Alyce’s simple sending experience, you can finally scale your ability to create personal, thoughtful moments, no matter how large your list might be.

Get more results by giving smarter

Delight customers and prospects at the right Pivotal MomentsTM


Door Opener

Break through the noise and connect more effectively by taking a personal approach.

Awareness > Consideration

Post demo follow up

Increase your chances at another meeting by showing your prospects you're committed to them.

Consideration > Conversion

Mid-sale acceleration

Use personal gifting to create strong relationships and trust that will help advance opportunities.

Loyalty > Advocacy

Renewal and Expansion

Give your champions a gift they’ll love to show your appreciation.



Drive people to register, and get higher attendance rates with gifts that stand out.


Re-engage lost leads

Remind prospects of your brand in a way they won’t forget.

Adoption > Loyalty

Success milestone

Show customers you truly care when they start achieving results, with a gift.