Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

We build strategic partnerships with brands and companies to provide tons of options. Your gift options can include everything from unique gifts and virtual products (like gift cards) to fun and unique experiences or subscription services! Your recipients can also choose to donate their gift value instead.
Alyce bases its gift suggestions on information that is pulled from their social media accounts. Alyce can also provide popular gift options in our platform. Remember that you can’t go wrong. Whatever you choose, your recipient will always be able to donate the value to a meaningful charity or exchange for another equally valued gift.
Not a problem! We are here to help, Simply click “select different options” and tell us why these gift options didn’t quite work. We will then head back to the drawing board and get new options over to you ASAP.
Yes! Alyce enables you to track when a recipient has viewed your e-mail and accepted their gift.
Yes! Select the recipient by clicking “details”, then when the new window pops up, click “Email Personal Reminder to NAME”. Connect to your default email client and send!
Yes, in your dashboard under “One-Off Gifts” or a custom campaign you’ve created. On the top right of each campaign there is a report button.
In the top right hand corner, click your name and then select “Settings/Preferences”. In the new window you will see "Messages". Create or edit your existing templates!
Click next to “Details” and select download a receipt.
It’s a great way to organize and track your response rates for your different initiatives and goals. Our customers are raving about their results from sending a personalized gift and message that properly transitions them into the conversations they are so strongly seeking!

Via “Create a Gift Campaign” Button: Click “Create Gift Campaign’”, select a current campaign and upload recipient gift requests just like you did when you created your campaign. The only difference here is selecting an existing campaign rather than creating a new one.

Via “Send a Gift” Button: You can request a gift as normal and select “Add to Gift Campaign” in step 3.

Gift Recipient

You would have received another e-mail containing your gift details. The e-mail subject will be “Your Alyce Gift Confirmation”. Don’t forget to check your spam folder. If you still need assistance, e-mail us at and we will help you out right away!
Please email us at and we will get this rectified for you right away. It is important to us that every gift recipient has an incredible experience.
Some of our gift cards arrive via a link or with a unique code. Check your gift confirmation for details. Don’t forget to check your spam folder. If you still need assistance, e-mail us at .


We are constantly adding new products to our ever-growing Alyce catalog. Want to be featured? Please write us -
We have chosen some of the top 501(c)(3) Organizations to be our charity recipients. We also have added charities based on the requests of our clients. If you are interested in having your charity added, please e-mail
The funds that have been donated are submitted to each charity on a quarterly basis.