B2B Gifting

Direct Delivery

New sending feature: For the moments you want to surprise your recipients ... and you just know your gift will be received with delight.


Create more jaw-dropping responses.

Gifts sent as Direct Delivery are shipped straight to your recipient at the destination you choose—bypassing the option to first notify them.


Show 💙 to Your Network

Perfect for contacts you've known forever – whose #5to9s™ you know like the back of your hand.


Seize the *Right* Moment

Studies show receiving unexpected rewards, like a gift, can create dopamine surges, on the right occasion.


Just Ship It: There When You Need It

Then there are moments when you just need to ship items to an event or location – without the need for a personal touch.

All the benefits of 1:1 gifting campaigns, with an added sending option

Celebrate milestones, reward your advocates and fans, and forge stronger connections, all in the same ways you do with 1:1 Alyce gifts, but with an added element of surprise.

Instead of choosing to send as a digital gift link or email to invite recipients to accept, exchange, or donate their gift, you can enter their address and have it shipped to them, without a heads-up that it's coming.

Direct Delivery Sends
Direct Delivery from Alyce

From memorable to unforgettable

Did you know 66% of people are able to recall a brand name a year after receiving a promotional gift?!

Now with Direct Delivery, your gifts have a non-stop route to surprise and delight your customers, partners, and employees, creating lasting impressions.

Let's be direct: an unexpected surprise can go a long way!

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