UserTesting sees 62% increase in event attendance rate

Amber Stone is the Senior ABM Program Manager at UserTesting, a human insight platform that gives companies a first-person understanding of how their target audience behaves throughout any experience.

UserTesting had been manually preparing gifts for their target accounts, but Amber saw so much more potential in the power of personal gifting. With a heavy emphasis on understanding customers and building experiences customers love at their core, UserTesting used Alyce Activate to deliver that customer-centric approach with their prospects.

Amber Stone

“Alyce Activate makes it easier to launch more accounts, and have a personalized experience for each of those accounts.”

— Amber Stone

Senior Manager ABM Programs @ UserTesting


increase in registrations


increase in response rates


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Boosting attendance campaigns while Streamlining Workflow

Amber is a highly action-oriented rockstar. She's a team of one, supporting 28 people on two teams, and 400 accounts. Her main goal is to understand where leads are in their customer lifecycle at any given month, moving them down the funnel in a timely manner, and fostering better relationships with engaged prospects.

The UserTesting team has designed some clever ways to use one-to-many gift invitations via Alyce Activate to launch accounts and foster better relationships.

One of the ways the UserTesting team uses gifts to build relationships and move leads down the funnel is by holding lunch-and-learns with sales reps. This experience allows reps to have a meaningful, pressure-free discussion with their prospects before they're ready to schedule a demo. Before Alyce, driving attendance through gifting was a highly manual and time-consuming process for Amber.

“One thing about ABM is it needs to feel personalized, but when you only have an ABM team of really one, you need a way to scale these programs quickly. Reps want to launch more programs faster. Where I could do a lot of one-off things, automation is really the only option that I have right now.”

Previously, the UserTesting Team was inviting prospects to register for their lunch-and-learns through a Marketo form on a landing page. For each registrant, their events team would manually go to the GrubHub website, individually purchase gift card codes for each registrant to send to them to entice attendance, and manually email the codes to each of the registrants. Alyce Activate eliminated this workflow and completely streamlined the process, the budgeting, and the communication with the registrants.

“When I’m looking at tools and what to bring in, I’m looking at ways I can shorten that account launch cycle time. Alyce Activate makes it easier to launch more programs, and have a personalized experience for each of those accounts.”

To save time and remove the labor-intensive process, Amber began using Alyce Activate to drive registration for these events. Not only did this save her time, it also yielded higher conversion rates than their previous gifting solution. 

All in across the 26 lunches hosted monthly by the UserTesting team, Amber found herself saving her team 30 hours of work per month preparing and launching the campaign. With 312 lunch-and-learns a year, that saves their team 360 hours of time. 

Since implementing Activate for their digital event strategy, they've seen a 62% increase in attendance rates across target accounts. 

Building Rapport with Activate

In addition to driving event registrants, UserTesting found success with using Alyce Personal Gifting for their Tier 1 accounts.

“For our Tier 1 accounts, those contacts have more of the white glove treatment. So they’re still getting that one-to-one outreach. The rep is supposed to find something that resonates with them, and talk about that in the messaging.” 

While the BDRs focus on building relationships with Tier 1 accounts, Amber nurtures Tier 2 prospects. When she replaced content links for Alyce Activate gift links in her marketing nurture, Amber noticed she could drive real responses and conversations with her team’s top prospects.

“For one marketing campaign, we offered a really popular marketing book to the VP and then we offered to buy books for his entire team. It's still pertinent to the role - not to the individual person, but we want it to still resonate.”  

Since adopting Activate to facilitate this the UserTesting team has seen a 36% increase in response rates from their Tier 2 ABM marketing nurture. Not only is Amber seeing results, but her team is seeing success too. Says Amber, “Everybody really, really loves Alyce."

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