Sailthru Sees 175% Increase in New Pipeline

Brandon Ray is the Head of Sales Development for Sailthru, a personalized email solution for retail and media companies looking to build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their customers.

Brandon has always been a believer that personal is always better. This is why the Sailthru team looked to Alyce for automated solutions that could be personal - at scale.


I might not even have a job if it weren't for Alyce.

— Brandon Ray

Director of Global Sales Development @ Sailthru


of pipeline influenced


increase in new pipeline


faster sales cycles

Where Personalization Meets Velocity at Scale

For some, business development is a right of passage. For others, like Brandon Ray, business development is a way of life. 

After leaving undergrad from the University of Maryland Brandon joined the workforce ready to make an impact. In his first gig out of university, Brandon dove headfirst into a role as BDR and immediately fell in love. 

Says Brandon, “I wanted the ability to influence more than just a certain set of deals. I loved influencing the system driving all of those outbound deals.”

Back in 2010, technology was limited and Brandon found himself making upwards of 150 cold calls a day. “While I loved the nature of business development at the time, I didn't love the lack of strategic nature in the role. There was one channel, one approach: just calling. I said to myself ‘there's gotta be something else out there that incorporates more thought and personalization.’”

Ten years later and Brandon now leads the Business Development team at Sailthru living and breathing personalization at scale every day. Sailthru, a personalized email solution for retail and media companies, uses its automation solution to help customers build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their customers.

The field of business development has evolved dramatically since Brandon joined the field, making the competitive landscape an impenetrable cacophony of business development noise. 

“Our approach was to start out all of our cadences with these super, super personalized first touches. We’d get responses from our personalized emails like, ‘Wow this is such a tailored personalized email, I’ll go ahead take a meeting.’”

Time Well Spent

Even though this approach took time: time to research a prospect, time to compose an email using that research, and time to follow up after the initial outreach the resulting meetings made this investment worth the time and energy. Then in the early spring of COVID-19 made a significant impact on Sailthru's outbound efforts

“We noticed that right after COVID-19, the responses to our personalized emails just stopped.”

To maintain that personalized approach and achieve their goal of booked meetings, Brandon needed a channel that allowed his team to prospect at a high velocity without sacrificing the quality of their outreach.  

“I had heard of other kinds of tools in this space. But I never loved them. They weren’t easy to use and it was hard to track the return we were seeing on our investment. It wasn’t until Alyce that I realized just how powerful a personal gifting platform can be. And since then, we’ve never really looked back.”

“It's making us different and stand out in a sea of millions of email marketing tools.”

With Alyce now in their arsenal of tools, Brandon and his BDR team at Sailthru have built their outreach sequences around that personal one-to-one interaction with their prospects. 

“Once we get the view on an Alyce gift, our analysis has shown that the chances of them taking a meeting is above 50 percent. Our calls, our LinkedIn notes, they're all designed to drive people to that to view that Alyce gift.”

“There are other gifting platforms, yes. Sure, you can send out a bunch of cupcakes to the entire marketing team you’re prospecting into. But no one else is approaching it quite the way Alyce is from a true one-to-one gifting perspective. It’s making us different and stand out in a sea of millions of email marketing tools.”

The Single Strongest Dollar-for-Dollar Investment

Brandon offers this insight for Business Development leaders, “The two channels emerging for BDRs is the warm intro channel and the personal gifting channel. Personal gifting is by far the most refined option in the business development space.”

“There’s no other tool like Alyce. I’d say if there’s one tool you should invest in for your BDR team to jolt new life into your business development programs, Alyce is that tool. It is the single strongest dollar-for-dollar investment to make for BDRs.”

About Sailthru
Founded in 2008, Sailthru, a CM Group brand, helps modern marketers drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value and reduce churn by using its suite of connected capabilities. Sailthru's high-performance email, website personalization, mobile marketing automation, and unique integrations power new customer acquisition by leveraging machine learning and first-party data to easily deliver relevant, personalized engagement across all channels. Sailthru is headquartered in New York City, New York.

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