Reliaquest Case Study

ReliaQuest increases meetings booked by 62%

ReliaQuest is a cybersecurity firm defending the world’s most trusted brands against cyber threats.

While their target market of Fortune 400 and 500 companies was engaged, their marketing team was seeking a solution to capture that engagement and turn it into meetings for their sales team. ReliaQuest found Alyce to be the right integrated solution to take their Demand Generation efforts to the next level.


What we wanted to do was cut through the noise.

- Director of Demand Generation @ ReliaQuest


marketing-influenced pipeline


increase in meetings


marketing-influenced opportunities

The Surprise and Delight

Like most days, the Reliaquest Marketing Team's desks were full of boxes. These boxes were generally all the same - generic branded swag from a company looking to earn his business using direct mail to book more meetings. “It's all the same stuff. It's cupcakes or it's like a bottle of wine or some kind of a little gadget or a little mini drone.”

One day, in particular, they found something different on their desk: a handmade cedar box. Inside, rather than finding candy or unwanted stationery, the team found only a handwritten note offering a personal gift and the choice to exchange it for something more useful.

This experience stood out. 

It stood out so much that the team immediately knew they needed to deliver that experience for their prospects and to recreate the same moment of surprise and delight.

Getting Attention Just Wasn't Enough

It’s a challenge to get in front of CTOs and CSOs at Fortune 400 and 500 companies. Not only are other cybersecurity firms vying for their attention, it’s also a challenge to get the relationship to a place where sensitive security information can be candidly discussed.

“You're trying to get attention or get engagement from the people at their companies telling their companies ‘do not click on add’ or ‘do not click on any links.’ They're laser-focused on protecting their multi-million dollar organization.”

This results in a slow sales cycle. After a lead is created, it can take the ReliaQuest sales team roughly 60 to 90 days to book a meeting with their ideal customer. Once ReliaQuest can progress the relationship to booking a meeting, they are able to quickly demonstrate the value in their solutions resulting in high close rates. 

The team explains, “We're generating leads. But for the marketing team, it’s really about how can we really get more at-bats for our sales team? How can we generate more qualified meetings for the reps?” 

The challenge for the Demand Generation team became turning all of the engagement they see in their target market and turning it into booked meetings. 

After working closely with their CSM, Mark, the team realized that Alyce should become an integral part of the prospecting efforts put forth by his Business Development Team. Through cross-functional alignment with the Business Development team, the Demand Generation team was able to integrate Alyce into their outreach cadences resulting in more booked meetings. 

After adding a personal gift step to their cadences, Alyce improved ReliaQuest's send-to-meeting rate dramatically, reducing the time it takes to book a meeting from 90 days to just 1 week. The new prospecting approach with Alyce helped the ReliaQuest team source 23 opps resulting in $10 million in marketing-influenced pipeline.

Adjusting in Times of Adversity

Prior to COVID-19, in-person events were ReliaQuest’s highest performing channel. As digital events in early 2020 were canceled, the team was worried about how they were going to fill the gap left in their pipeline.

With the ability to shift their gifting strategy to digital, Alyce was the differentiator for ReliaQuest. They pivoted their physical gift invitations to digital and were able to cover the deficits their pipeline saw when trade shows were canceled. As a result, Alyce is now their highest performing channel.

Faster Sales Cycles Mean More Opportunities

Alyce and its personal gifting solutions gave the ReliaQuest team the ability to connect with their prospects on a new level. In lieu of in-person events and generic direct mail, the ReliaQuest team was able to use Alyce to decrease sales cycles from 60 to 90 days to just one week. Because of the personal gifting experience, the ReliaQuest marketing team was able to book 60 meetings and source 23 new opportunities in Q1.

Today, ReliaQuest is able to create an elevated experience for its naturally cautious audience while conveying the integrity and trust required to partner with CTOs and CSOs. Not only did they build rapport and earn trust through Alyce, but they were also able to do this without sacrificing their team's quantity - and quality - of their outreach.

About ReliaQuest
Our mission is to defend the world’s most trusted brands against cyber threats – a goal made possible through our GreyMatter SaaS platform. Our customers have increased visibility, confident automation across the entire investigative lifecycle, and effective measurement of tools, people, and processes for continuous improvement.

Industry: Cybersecurity Technology

Company Size: 450

Location: Tampa, Florida