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Alyce saves Flexera over 20 hours a month in campaign management

Tina Grabinski is the Global Campaign & Analytics Manager at Flexera, which specializes in IT management software, optimization & solutions.

In her role, Tina works closely with the Demand Generation Marketing team, who is responsible for bringing in new prospects and cross selling to existing customers. They previously spent a lot of time creating direct mail campaigns to reach prospects and customers that ultimately fell short. Alyce saved Flexera time and returned better results.

Tina Grabinski Flexera

“It’s an approach that can’t be ignored.”

— Tina Grabinski

Global Campaign & Analytics Manager @ Flexera

20 hrs

saved per month in campaign management


opportunity to spend ratio


opportunities created

Before learning about Alyce, Flexera’s gifting approach was a laborious process involving creative design, logistics, manually checking addresses and excel lists, and managing the influx of returned mailers. Tina remembers the hardship, “As any direct mail goes, the tracking gets very sloppy because it is actual physical mail.

Many of them got returned, and one Flexera team member ended up with about 200 mailers on her desk because they kept coming back. I just don’t think it resonated. It was also a very manual process to track any success with it."
Tina knew that there had to be a better way, that if the team was going to continue to invest in gifting their prospects, they needed a better approach. At the end of the day, “We were looking for a new way to break through to our audience.”

A personal approach

When introduced to Alyce, the team was quickly sold on the different approach to getting in front of their audience. The uniqueness of Alyce is what struck the Flexera team when they first experienced an Alyce gift. They admired the personal attention they received with their own gift and wanted to replicate it for their prospects. Flexera targets IT executives, a very discerning and busy audience, where breaking through is harder than usual. As Tina says “It’s an approach that cannot be ignored, and we see it with prospects. Even if they don’t act on it today, they remember it months later when they are looking for a specific solution, and relate us to that unique experience. They think, ‘this is cool, I want to talk to these people.’”

"If you're looking for a unique new way to break through to your target audience, Alyce offers all of that and more. Alyce gets you intelligence on people you want to get in front of and makes it easy for you to really get personal with these people to make that connection."

Building alignment, getting conversations

Tina’s team uses Alyce as a way to get other departments involved in demand generation. Unlike their previous gifting efforts, Alyce allows Flexera to hold evergreen campaigns that keep the BDRs well aligned with the marketing vision. Alignment is top of mind for Tina’s team. The demand generation team sets the strategy and builds campaigns while the BDRs execute on the approach and report back on what’s working well and what needs changing.

Allowing the BDRs to be more hands on with the gifting experience and choosing who and when to send gifts is paying off. “The BDR team has taken to Alyce beautifully.” Tina says, “They can send an invitation to a prospect they’ve been calling and emailing to push the relationship forward and actually have a conversation with that person. I think once they started seeing the success from it and the meetings getting booked because of Alyce, they naturally got excited and motivated to continue using it." Since adopting Alyce, Flexera has a 114:1 opportunity to spend ratio.

Alyce has not only made it easier to breakthrough to prospects and facilitate alignment, it’s also made the entire gifting process easier to manage. Where before the process was very manual and time consuming for several teams, Alyce has eliminated a lot of the legwork involved in setting up a campaign, saving the team about 75% of the time it takes to plan and launch a campaign. On top of that, tracking and results are no longer muddied. “Alyce has certainly made everything easier and less manual. I love that I'm able to pull up the Alyce dashboard and immediately see how many gifts were sent, viewed, accepted, and how many meetings were about from it."

Tina loves Alyce for far more than the gifting. The team supporting her as she imagines new ways to use Alyce has made a significant impact on their success.

“Jess is literally an angel on earth. She answers any questions, responds immediately, and often holds demos and shares best practices with the team. She's honestly a dream to work with and she's set a very high expectation - we compare other vendors’ CSMs to her and none quite fit the bill. I tell her that she's kind of making it hard for other CSMs out in the world.”

“Jess has definitely led most of the ideas we've had for branching out beyond our prospect campaigns. And she’s always giving us great ideas to try different new things out.”

Other departments are taking note

The success Flexera BDRs have seen for prospects is generating interest for new use cases. Additionally last year, Tina’s former demand generation role evolved to focus on cross-selling customers, and she immediately thought about how Alyce can be used to deepen relationships with them. “We have such a variety of helpful products, if a customer is only using one of them, there are definitely plenty more ways we can help."

Because of their early success, the sales team is now learning how to use Alyce as part of their mid-sale acceleration strategy and post meeting thank you’s.

Less time, more conversations

Tina and her team are happy with the success they have achieved with Alyce. They are spending less time on gifting campaigns, more time on team alignment, and they’re opening more opportunities.

She’s also thinking beyond Personal Gifting and is experimenting with Alyce Activate. Tina taps the Alyce team on the shoulder for new ideas and success stories from other campaigns, and Tina is constantly testing what works. She’s dabbling with Activate to increase webinar registrations and attendance, post webinar thank yous, and customer appreciation gifts. Activate has made setting up campaigns super quick and easy. “Activate makes it so easy to launch a campaign. I appreciate it making things so simple.”

Flexera’s team now creates highly personal experiences for their discerning prospects that starts conversations and builds bonds. An approach that has landed Flexera a 114:1 opportunity to spend ratio.

But Sales and Business Development aren’t the only teams to get a piece of the Alyce action. “We've had so much success on the prospect end that we want to see if Alyce can help us out on the customer side of things.”

Tina built campaigns for the Flexera Customer Success Managers who can start to gift people after having a great conversation with them. “Maybe in a meeting a customer will tell their CSM how they’ve taken up mountain biking. They can get on Alyce, say they loved their chat, and send them a bike lock. It’s a very personal way to say thank you for the chat. Alyce is a tool that will only help that relationship become stronger.”

About Flexera:

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