You’re Wasting Budget On Your Gifting Programs

Direct mail and corporate gifting can be a money-suck for most businesses. Get the most out of the budget set for gifting programs with Alyce.
Budget Gifting Programs Better With Alyce
  • “Brands will waste 99.9% of digital advertising spend on digital banners” (MobileSquared)
  • “Marketers Waste 21 Cents of Every Media Dollar From Poor Data Quality” (KoMarketing)
  • There’s a “$958M Marketing Problem” in Content Marketing. (Kapost)
  • “B2B Marketers Waste 19% of Their Budgets” (Contently)

Across channels, marketing’s use of their budget from vendors to investment has been under scrutiny. 

The leadership team always wants to see the exact return on investment from every single marketing program in order to show the value of marketing’s impact on the organization. 

With channels like digital advertising, content marketing, and even social media it can be hard to track the direct impact of those channels on pipeline and revenue within your business. 

One channel has stood the test of time, driving higher engagement rates than most traditional marketing channels, and that is Direct Mail and Corporate Gifting. 

Where channels like digital advertising have an average conversion rate of 3.04%, and content marketing campaigns convert between .8% and 1.1%, Direct Mail and Corporate Gifting have a conversion rate that falls closer to 9%

All of this to say, adding corporate gifting and direct mail to your integrated marketing strategy can help you reduce budget waste, get the most out of your marketing spend when you use gifting in conjunction with your other marketing channels, and see a higher channel conversion rate when gifting is included in your marketing campaigns. 

However, budget waste should still be top of mind for a channel like gifting. It’s easy to slap your logo on some cheap promotional items and call it corporate gifting, but that’s not going to get you the return you’re looking for. 

In order to see the best results from your gifting, you should be creating personal experiences with your gifting campaigns, putting the recipient first in the gift redemption process, and giving your gift recipients the power of choice in what they receive from your company.  

And you can do this all without breaking the bank. Allow us to introduce ourselves a bit further. 

How Alyce Can Help You Budget Gifting Programs Without Sacrificing Experience

Here at Alyce, our product is focused around your customers. We are the first ever recipient-first gifting platform that helps you create personal experiences at scale. 

While most gifting platforms are focused on helping you send out as many gifts as possible, we help you create as many personal connections as possible through our digital first, e-commerce like gifting experience. 

With Alyce, you don’t need to fill warehouses with items to send to prospects. Instead, we take a digital approach by helping you create and curate custom marketplaces your prospects can browse to find the perfect gift. 

Due to the digital nature of our gift redemption process, Alyce fits seamlessly into your other marketing campaigns, from event registration to content consumption and pipeline acceleration, Alyce acts as a catalyst for conversion from your other marketing channels. 

Digital-first gift marketing is newer to the B2B world, so let’s break down why this model is the most cost effective gifting model for your business. 

Budget gifting programs better with Alyce

You’ll Stop Paying To Warehouse All Of Your Gifts – Yes That Includes Swag 

With Alyce’s marketplace model, we curate and create custom “storefronts” for your marketing campaigns. Due to our relationship with each of the vendors in our marketplace, you are not forced to pay for all of the gifts you want to send up front. 

Instead, you can give your prospects the ability to choose what they’d like to receive from you and our platform will ensure they receive it after it’s been chosen. 

Traditional Direct Mail vendors have started to offer the Power Of Choice in gifting, however you have to buy every item you want to offer in advance. 

With Alyce, you don’t have to worry about filling your warehouse with gifts no one wants, instead our marketplace makes it easy for you to send the perfect gift every time without breaking the bank. 

You’ll Stop Paying For Every Gift Sent And Only Pay For Accepted Gifts

We’re not in the business of creating waste for the sake of attention. It’s hard for you as the gift sender to understand the impact of your gifts if you don’t know if they were well received or not. 

With digital gifts, the recipient experience and the marketplace model, we help you save money by only using your gift deposit for accepted gifts. 

Not only will this save you money but can help you budget your gifting initiatives better. If you know what your gift accepted rate and your meeting booked rate from your gifts, you know exactly what budget to set for your gifting programs to drive actual pipeline for your business. 

Take the guesswork out of direct mail and gifting and understand the exact impact of each gift on your buyer’s journey. 

You’ll Stop Paying More To Create An End-To-End Gift Program

Here’s the issue with traditional direct mail vendors: They operate almost entirely offline. Which is great for driving attention, but not great for driving action.

If you have to force someone to a landing page, redirect them to an email in their inbox, or cross your fingers and hope they remember your company’s name, it’s going to be hard if not impossible to track the real impact of adding gifting to your marketing programs. 

We’ve mentioned our digitally native gift experience but let’s walk through exactly the kind of action you can drive with Alyce gifting: 

  • The Post Gift CTA: The Post Gift CTA pops up at the end of a gifting flow once a recipient has accepted a gift. This leaves you with the ability to serve up curated content priming your recipient for the next step in your relationship. 
  • Video Landing Pages: For any campaign in Alyce, all you need to do is get the video embed link from any video hosted in your favorite video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or Vidyard) and add that link to your campaign to create a more cohesive and compelling gift experience. 
  • Required Actions: Not only do we allow meeting booking to happen directly in the gifting flow, we have four other required actions you can leverage for prospects as any stage to gather more information, answer questions, or gauge the health of an account. 

Get the most out of your gifting budget when you can connect your other digital channels with the digital nature of our product!

Stop Wasting Budget On Your Gifting Programs

The traditional model of sending direct mail is not suited for the marketing and sales world of 2021. You shouldn’t be paying for gifts that will end up in the trash, you shouldn’t have to pay for a gifting platform that doesn’t help you drive action and attention from your gifting programs, and you shouldn’t have to rely on warehousing to store the gifts you want to send to prospects. 

For more, learn more all about outbound marketing strategy to deliver more pipeline and revenue for your team.

June 10, 2021
Mary Matton
Mary Matton

Mary Matton is the Growth Marketing Manager for Alyce, and is obsessed with all things inbound and demand gen. Outside of work, her #5to9 interests include perfecting her mobile photography, the quest for the perfect iced coffee, and spending time with the people most important to her.