Unwrapped: Marketing & Sales Integrations to Scale Outbound

Alyce added several new integrations to its gifting platform. Learn about how this product update helps you deliver more relevant gifts at scale.
New Gifting Integrations -Alyce Unwrapped Q3 2022

As marketers and sellers, we all know the feeling. Goals are climbing, buyer expectations are increasing, and some days you’re left staring at your screen, fresh out of ideas on how to build and convert more business.

Sometimes, the best way out of a rut is to put yourself into your prospects’ and customers’ shoes and think about what type of experience would stop you in your tracks.

Over the past quarter, our product team has been focused on understanding users’ needs to elevate their outbound marketing and sales strategies. Here are some examples of what we’ve heard:

  • “6sense can give us a good intel on who is currently in a buyer’s market, and let us identify those accounts and then try to [engage them with Alyce].”
    —Head of Demand Generation at an online media company
  • “I would love to see what is the process that an SDR would use to send an Alyce gift. So for example, use 6sense to identify the appropriate accounts that are searching and are in an active buying cycle, craft your message, select your gift, and then do these three steps 30 minutes after sending the gift.”
    —Strategic Accounts Manager at an IT management company
  • “Say when the person opens an email, you could send them out a gift card. When the person has a higher engagement because they’ve visited your website, you could send them out a box of cookies.”
    —Enterprise AE at a marketing and advertising company
  • “I would love to be able to receive a notification in Slack whenever one of my gifts is viewed by a prospect or customer”
    —BDR at a marketing and advertising company

You asked, and we listened. We’re excited to announce a suite of new integrations with intent and communication platforms to help you deliver even more moments of Outbound Love to your prospects, customers, and partners.

Our carefully curated integrations let marketers and sales teams add contacts dynamically to their gifting campaigns throughout the buyer’s journey. These partnerships let you focus on what you do best: delivering engaging content that builds on your brand’s personality and draws customers in. Alyce then handles the rest — allowing you to create personalized one-to-one experiences for buyers without sacrificing quality or reach.

Intent Data Platforms: 6sense, Demandbase, and RollWorks


With Alyce, we walk you through setup, connect directly with 6sense and automatically push contacts into an Alyce gift campaign.


  • Create relevant gifting moments tailored to customer behavior
  • Automatically add contacts to a gifting campaign based on their Demandbase Journey Stage
  • Using Salesforce, configure your Alyce recipe to match your ABM strategy


  • Add Salesforce contacts to Alyce campaigns based on RollWorks stages
  • Add HubSpot Contacts to Alyce campaigns based on RollWorks stages
  • Using Salesforce or HubSpot, configure your recipe to execute your ABM strategy

Alyce is the only gifting platform offering comprehensive intent data platform integrations. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to create relevant experiences based on gifting moments and personalized recommendations based on customer intent signals.

Communication Tools: Slack and Microsoft Teams

We’ve made it easy for you to stay on top of who’s accepting your gifts in real-time. That way, gift status updates don’t get lost in email, and you can follow up quickly to continue building relationships with prospects and customers.

  • Directly notify senders when gifts have been viewed but not accepted
  • Post gift notifications to Slack channels when gifts change status
  • Optimize your gifting follow-up by staying informed about gift updates

Alyce is the only gifting platform that notifies your team to follow up on your thoughtful and relevant gift experiences through Slack and Teams.

Salesforce Integration Updates

Connecting your gifting strategy to your outbound marketing strategy is even easier with our updated Salesforce integration.

Customers can now choose the member status to automatically trigger gifts by adding a contact to an Alyce campaign when the desired member status is reached. This enhancement makes implementing gifting simpler in a relevant and automated way!

What’s ahead?

These new integration partnerships help sales and marketing teams scale their personal, relevant, and thoughtful experiences for their buyers. Through them, you can rest easy knowing you are sending someone the perfect gift at the optimal time using the intent data signals you have at your fingertips. Furthermore, your preferred communication tools allow you to perfectly time your gift follow-up to maximize your response rate.

Ready to explore these integrations and more within Alyce? Schedule a live demo and start imagining what’s possible. You can also check out Alyce Unwrapped which will dive deeper into each of these new integrations.

August 23, 2022
Evan Chapman
Evan Chapman

Evan is a Senior Product Manager on the Alyce team who is primarily focused on building out and enhancing Alyce's integrations and reporting capabilities. Since beginning his career in technology consulting, Evan has developed extensive experience in the enterprise software space at companies ranging from startups to major multinational technology companies. Outside of work, Evan enjoys playing tennis, exploring the New England hiking scene, and is a passionate Philadelphia sports fan.