Support Texas Residents Through Their Snowstorm

Help Texas communities that are being affected by a major snowstorm that hit the state over Presidents Day Weekend. 
Charities Helping COVID19 Relief

Across Texas, there are communities that are being affected by a major snowstorm that hit the state over Presidents Day Weekend.

The Alyce gifting model allows you to donate your gift value to the organization of your choice. We want to highlight a few charities and warm gifts so that whether you are an Alyce gift sender or Alyce gift recipient, you can support the people around the world during this time of need.

Below is more information on some organizations helping out in this crisis, links to donate directly, and gifts you can send to Texas Residents to help them keep warm.

American Red Cross

There are 4 chapters of the American Red Cross that helps communities across the state of Texas. Sending or donating the dollar value of your gift to these organizations can help those in need get supplies to stay warm.

American Red Cross Central and South Texas Region

American Red Cross North Texas Region

American Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region

American Red Cross Fort Hood

Don’t see a charity you want to donate to? Alyce customers and gift recipients can choose their own charities in the Alyce Marketplace so they can make a difference on their terms!

Warm Outerwear

Helping to equip our Southern friends with some warmer outwear can help them through rolling blackouts or those without power.

Blanket scarves get their name for a reason, they’re a lot longer and wider than normal scarves, keeping more of the body warm.

Fleece Blankets

Layering is essential to keeping warm. This fleece blanket is large enough to cover a bed and keep those underneath it as warm as possible.

Gift Message Email Templates

If you are a gift sender looking to send gifts to prospects or customers in Texas, making sure your message is empathetic is incredibly important. Here is an email template to help you make sure your message hits home:


We know that the state of Texas is experiencing unprecedented weather that is devastating local communities, including your own.

[Your Company Name] is here for [recipient-company] and we want to help in any small way we can. We hope this gift can be put to good use, whether it be for yourself or a neighbor. We’ve also added Red Cross Texas to our donations marketplace if you prefer to activate this gift that way.

Please let us know if there are other ways we can support you, your family and your team.
– [my-first-name]


Give back consistently. Each quarter, the Alyce team matches the donations to the top charities that our customers, and their customers, donated to. Join us in the movement to give back.

February 16, 2021
Stacy O.