Introducing Alyce in Outreach

The Best Way to Break into Key Accounts with Perfectly Matched Gifts & Timely Follow-up

More than 40% of salespeople say that prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process.  (HubSpot)

It’s not that surprising, honestly- it’s harder than ever to get a buyer’s attention.  Buyers are constantly being bombarded with the same generic series of calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages from every sales rep under the sun.  It’s easy for your message to get buried in that sea of sameness, unless you’re doing something different to stand out. 

So it’s important to ask yourself: why would a prospect look at your message over anyone else’s? 

Well, 84% of buyers say that being treated like a person, not a number, is actually very important to winning their business.  (Salesforce)

It’s a pretty simple concept. At the end of the day, people want to be treated like people, not just another name in your database.  They want you to know who they are, what they like, what they do, so you can talk to them like you’d talk to a friend, not a number.  

Companies like Outreach have done an unbelievable job at helping teams scale their sales activities, increase productivity, and boost efficiency, but all of that can go to waste if the content of your outreach isn’t treating people in the personal one-to-one way they want and deserve.

And that’s why Alyce has teamed up with Outreach to give sales reps the ability to scale personal and thoughtful interactions with every prospect, when it matters most.

Need some help crafting the perfect email? Check out our gifting email templates!

Alyce in Outreach is now a sales rep’s secret weapon to book more meetings through one-to-one gifting and real-time thoughtful follow-up at scale.  

“We’re super excited to be partnering with Alyce to allow Outreach customers to have more one-to-one personal engagements at scale. The most successful Outreach customers are using a multichannel strategy to connect with their buyers - many of which are using direct mail to break through the noise. - Stephen Farnsworth, Outreach Head of Partnerships

Specifically for sales reps, you’re now able to do 3 things with Alyce in Outreach to get more meetings: 

1. Make Alyce the most effective part of your sales process by triggering gifting tasks within Outreach

Right now your sales sequence probably looks something like this: 

Email → Call → Voicemail → LinkedIn Connect → Call → Voicemail → Email

If that’s looking even vaguely familiar, guess what- it’s looking familiar to everyone else too.  It’s the same generic series of steps we’re all used to, and tired of.  

Now here's what one of our enterprise customers is doing with Alyce in Outreach:

Add Customer for Alyce Research → Email → Call→ Gift Options Ready → Send Gift

With this approach, you’re able to not only vary your outreach, but do it with an approach that is personal, and stands out to your prospects. 

2. Close the loop by triggering personalized tasks and sequences when Alyce gifts are sent, received, and accepted so you can follow up in the most relevant and thoughtful way possible 

Direct mail can fall flat for a couple reasons: outreach is impersonal, or more often, it’s not followed up with appropriately.  

Alyce in Outreach ensures sales reps are equipped with the tools to not just follow up, but follow up at the exact times that prospects are most likely to engage with you, with a message just for them.  

Here’s how that same enterprise client follows up with prospects after they’ve sent a gift: 

  • Task Triggered When Gift is Delivered: Urgent Call
  • Sequence Triggered When Gift is Viewed (not yet accepted): Email Follow-up→ Call → LinkedIn Message → Email 
  • Sequence Triggered When Gift Accepted: Email Follow-up to Set-up Meeting → Call → Email 

3. See all your prospect interactions in one place, with every Alyce gifting event displayed in your prospect Activity timeline in Outreach

While it’s important to give sales reps the ability to engage prospects in multiple different ways, reps don’t want to jump between tools to track engagement.  

With Alyce in Outreach, reps get complete visibility of every prospect engagement with Alyce, in the context of their other outreach channels.  

Before, direct mail was somewhat of an afterthought for sales reps, and an annoyance for buyers. Reps would need to leave their regular daily sales workflow, go to a different platform, talk to marketing, all to send a relatively one-size-fits-all gift that your buyer probably doesn’t care about.  

Now, Alyce in Outreach creates an ideal experience for both you and your buyers, by making personalized direct mail an easy part of your reps day-to-day, and delighting your buyers with gifts and messages they’ll actually love. 

Want to get started with Alyce in Outreach today? Reach out to us! 

June 26, 2019
Nina B.

A born-again Bostonian and Martha’s Vineyard native (yes, people do actually live there year-round), I attribute my passion for making personal connections in my personal and professional life to my neighborly Island roots. I joined Team Alyce in January 2019 to be a part of a bigger story and have a little fun while doing it :) . While not riding the startup roller coaster, I love spending time traveling with my unbearably cute niece and nephew, attending New England sports championship parades and taking in the sun and sea at my favorite local beaches.