Cheers to National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day!

Marketing Ops Appreciation Day

And cheers to all our MOps customers!

Together we want to recognize you this month for National Marketing Ops Appreciation Day

… with a little something on us … and just in time to introduce our newest Instant Gift Invite feature we think you’ll love!👇

Putting Instant Gift Invites to work

We’re not wasting any time!

To officially celebrate National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day, we’re recognizing our amazing Marketing Ops customers, users, and champions for their hard work keeping their businesses on rails – Every. Single. Day.

And what better way to appreciate someone than with a gift that shows an investment in their personal experience?

To plant our seeds of gratitude, for the first 20 people to respond by clicking here, we’ll send you an Appreciation Plant Cube on us – using our new Instant Gift Invite feature. Thank you to all our Marketing Ops customers

We hope this year ahead (and your plant) is full of hardy growth!

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For everyone else, we still appreciate you, and thank you for participating. 😃

Speaking of growth …

Whether you go by Marketing Ops, MarOps, MOps, or another clever title, we applaud you for the critical role you play in optimizing and streamlining marketing execution and operations, so that organizations everywhere can better power their go-to-market strategies.

But it wasn’t always the case that you were celebrated, or even in existence.

While marketing teams have been around forever in different capacities, the Marketing Operations role has experienced a significant boom over the last 10-20 years. This is largely due to the increasing importance of data-driven marketing strategies.

Data-driven marketing

While they typically roll up to marketing and marketing leadership, Marketing Ops teams work across several front-office functions, including Sales, Customer Success, and even the back-office teams including Finance and Ops.

As companies have recognized the need to improve and optimize their marketing efforts, Marketing Operations teams have become more prevalent and more sophisticated.

Not unlike most large cities, the landscape is congested

In particular, the rise of marketing automation technology and other must-have tools in the rev-tech stack have fueled the need and growth of Marketing Operations. With these tools, companies can automate many of their marketing processes, freeing teams for more fulfilling and strategic work.

Martech stack

According to ActionIQ, “The average marketing organization has deployed an astounding 91 different tools as part of the marketing stack. And as of 2020, there are an astounding 8,000 different vendors in the martech landscape.”

From 2011 to 2020, the explosion in martech tools alone no doubt necessitated requiring designated roles dedicated to them.

Not your one-trick pony

Marketing Operations is responsible for selecting, implementing, managing, and optimizing the processes, technology, tools, and actions that support a company’s go-to-market efforts.

This includes identifying and executing process improvements, managing marketing technology, tracking and reporting on marketing performance metrics, and—really important to their success—collaborating closely with other departments to ensure that marketing campaigns are effective and aligned with the overall business strategy.

One non-negotiable area of expertise that every Marketing Ops professional must possess is the ability to analyze data, data, and more data that’s generated to improve marketing performance.

Additionally, Marketing Operations is responsible for ensuring that marketing campaigns are delivered on time, on budget, and with high quality.

Summed up well by CoSchedule, Marketing Operations: The Start to Finish Guide for Busy Managers,

“Marketing Operations is the piece of the puzzle that defines how a marketing team runs behind the scenes. It makes sure campaigns run smoothly, team members are happy, and more importantly – meet their goals.”

The TL; DR: they pave the way for revenue to move in and through the business, without a hitch.

What’s with the MOps?

Marketing Operations is by some referred to as MOps because it can help streamline and mop up any inefficiencies within a given go-to-market strategy. It’s like cleaning up any messes that may be limiting the effectiveness of the overall plan.

Additionally, the acronym MOps (Marketing Operations) is short and sweet and easy to remember, making it a useful and endearing term in the industry.

New to National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day (April 11)?

You’re probably not alone, as it was just recently started by Zapier (workflow automation leader). According to Zapier,

“The day recognizes the work that goes into great marketing campaigns. It also creates awareness about the importance of automation in marketing operations planning, execution, and reporting — allowing marketers to focus on what matters most. It’s intended to celebrate the individuals and technology that help marketing teams thrive.”

We also think it’s time to give the behind-the-scenes-operators some love

Our teams work with our customers’ marketing, sales, and customer-success teams every day. For them to be successful, having their Marketing Operations teams take a seat at the table is critical.

No longer unsung heroes, they’re often the glue to connect the Alyce platform with the tools their teams already use, including ABM (intent and intel), Marketing Automation, Sales Engagement, CRM Platforms, Collaboration, Video platforms, and more.

To truly optimize what the teams are able to achieve with their tech-stack investment, systems need to be connected the right way for efficiency, effectiveness, and scale.

Given each tool on its own is good, when tools are integrated—each performing its intended function the right way—that’s where the magic happens.

Campaign metrics

The Marketing Ops teams we work with are often also responsible for ensuring that demand gen, prospecting, and customer expansion campaigns (including their Alyce gifting campaigns) are set up correctly.

This way, marketing can deploy and track the impact on their growth initiatives, pipeline building and acceleration, and even customer retention and renewals.

Marketing Ops Teams make our tools us better

For every, “How do I” or “Where do we” or “I can’t find” request they field, we say, “Thanks.” Thanks for “just” making things work, helping us be better and faster at what we do.

Without you, we’d have disconnected campaigns, broken workflows, and shoddy metrics, not to mention, undoubtedly, a great deal of frustration.

What better time to officially unveil Alyce Instant Gift Invites!

To commemorate National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day and tip our hats to Marketing Ops professionals, we’re pleased to provide you and your demand-gen counterparts with a way to easily create instant gifting campaigns.


Now, campaigns can be launched to a broad audience—without knowing who the recipients may be or requiring a membership list. This is especially helpful in creating new awareness and/or renewing connections with customers and prospects.

Recipient caps ensure you have controls to stay in budget, while also driving urgency and excitement for recipients to participate.

This gifting campaign type delivers the flexibility needed to promote events, product launches, and company milestones, boost webinar attendance, create social media, podcast, and brand engagement, encourage community participation and advocacy, and much more.

We’re looking forward to hearing all the ways teams will use Instant Gift Invites to fuel their success! To see more, check it out here.

We  also look forward to seeing how others are celebrating National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day!

April 11, 2023
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