Meet Alyce Activate: Marketing’s Lead Engagement Superpower

It's one thing to generate leads. It's a whole other beast to drive lead engagement. Enter Alyce Activate: Marketing’s Lead Engagement Superpower
Driving lead engagement with Alyce Activate

Well, it’s official. Marketing’s job is just getting harder.

Not only are marketers generating leads and driving behavior scores to produce more qualified leads, we’re also now dealing with leads who are making purchasing decisions slower.

So it comes as no shock that 77% of demand gen leaders say that increasing campaign engagement is their top goal in 2020.

This leaves marketers scratching their heads, trying to come up with creative ways to drive lead engagement with their top prospects.

Enter Alyce Activate: Marketing’s Lead Conversion Superpower

Alyce Activate is marketing’s new best friend when it comes to lead conversion.

There are hundreds of opportunities to drive more engaging and compelling experiences with your audience through your marketing funnel. Alyce Activate helps take those otherwise one-to-many interactions and turn them into unique moments for your prospects, customers and partners in a personal yet scalable way.

Where your sales Personal Gifting campaigns should result in a one-to-one meeting booked, or a deal accelerated, your Alyce Activate campaigns should help amplify marketing outcomes, like webinar or event registrations, content downloads, or nurture stream engagement.

Think of Alyce Activate as digital gifting at scale. Small, personal gifts you can send to prospects in your marketing funnel to build relationships and move them to the next stage in their customer journey. The perfect way to drive lead engagement.

How Does Activate Work

You set up your Alyce Activate campaigns like you would a Personal Gifting campaign; choosing the campaign budget, the gift message, the gift to send and the types of gifts available to redeem in the Alyce marketplace. Keep in mind since you will be sending the same gift and the same gift message to multiple people, you’ll want the language and options chosen to reflect that.

Also – since you’re sending out more gift invitations than your sales team is with personal gifting, you can choose a lower price range for the gifts within the campaign to make sure you’re maximizing your budget.

The last step to getting your Activate campaign live is uploading the recipients you want to make eligible to access this gift. Whether you upload a static list, or integrate it with a Marketo Smart Campaign, at the click of a button you are able to generate a universal gift link that can be shared with all of those recipients through any of your marketing channels.

Activate is the WD40 you need to use in your nurture, event registration and follow up, and content engagement campaigns.

Alyce Activate vs Alyce Personal Gifting

Lead Engagement Tips
Let’s break down the differences:

Alyce Personal Gifting:

  • Created to help your sales team learn more about your top prospects through AI research and find a perfectly personal gift for each prospect on a one-to-one basis.
  • Each gift recipient has a custom gift invitation with a message written specifically for them.
  • The goal of these gifts is generally to book a meeting, accelerate the closing process of a deal, or gain an introduction to a new contact within an account.

Alyce Activate:

  • There is no research needed or used to find the gift that will act as the default gift for everyone in your campaign. Your gift is sent to a static or dynamic list of contacts on a one-to-many basis.
  • Each gift recipient has a similar gift invitation with just a few pieces of personalization that differentiate one invitation from another.
  • The goal of these gifts is to generally convert on another marketing action, whether it be to attend an event, consume a piece of content, or just reply to the email.

If you can dream it, you can do it with Activate. This is the perfect time to spice up any lead engagement campaign that you’re running and entice prospects in any part of your funnel with a personal gift. 

Learn more about Alyce Activate and how it can help your team here! 

September 23, 2020
Stacy O.
Stacy O.