March Madness: How to Look For Relatable Moments

Your prospects are always going to have their own versions of “March Madness”. Use this prospecting idea to stay personal in your outreach.

Personalized vs Personal Prospecting Ideas

Any basketball fans out there? If so, then you know March Madness is right around the corner and you’re probably breaking out the face paint right about now.

But if you’re not a big fan, you might be googling when March Madness starts so you can relate to this post (don’t worry though, it isn’t really about basketball and I had to google the start date myself).

TL;DR there’s a big tournament that people are going to be talking about, following closely and going ”mad” over for the next month or so.

Our team got a prospecting idea from this current event: there is always going to be something going on that our prospects care about.

How can we use the news to our advantage to create a hyper-personal experience for them?

As marketers and sellers, the first thought that comes to mind is “Direct Mail.” I’ll send them something that’s related to the event, and then they’ll HAVE to take a meeting with our team, right?

You’re not wrong. Gifting and direct mail are a generally a great prospect idea to get in front of your customers but there’s a right way and a wrong way to execute a prospecting idea and activity like this.

Let me explain using March Madness as the example.

WRONG WAY: The Traditional Direct Mail Playbook

You don’t have the time to research your prospects so you just use the newsworthy event as your catalyst, assume everyone knows about it, and send a generic, company branded foam finger to all of your prospects saying something like, “You’re our #1!”


THE RIGHT WAY: The Personal Experience Playbook

You use a tool that can research the prospects in your list to find sports fans, specifically sports fans who went to the schools that actually made the tournament. Then, you send them a piece of swag from their school with a personal message rooting for their team. Or maybe even tickets to catch a game.

Which do you think would be more persuasive and more meaningful? And how can you execute option number two without spending hours on each prospect to make the campaign worth it?

Maybe try Alyce, a tool that allows you to be personal, at scale. Or hire a dozen interns.

Either way, your prospects are always going to have their own versions of “March Madness”.

If you tap into that, you’re going to capture your prospects attention because of how personal you’re getting with your outreach.

Not personalized, personal.

Just like companies are shifting away from the “spray and pray” tactics for email marketing, use the same strategy in your prospecting ideas.

Stay personal, get close to your customers, and watch how that affects your numbers.

Want more tips about how you can start treating your prospects in a more personal way, and stop treating them like persona? Request a Demo to learn more about Alyce.

Personal Experience in Account Based Execution

March 11, 2020
Sara P.
Hiya! I'm Sara and I joined Alyce in February of 2020 as the Brand Content Manager. If you have any feedback at all on what you've read, heard, or watched from us please let me know! When I'm not doing some sort of physical activity, you can find me reading David Sedaris, listening to a true crime podcast, or re-watching the same show over and over again on Netflix.

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March Madness: How to Look For Relatable Moments

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