How To Plan Your Holiday Gifting Campaigns Around The Supply Chain

Global supply chain issues shouldn't prohibit you from gifting this holiday season. Here are some tips for how to work around it!
How To Plan Your Holiday Gifting Around The Supply Chain

I tried to buy a car the other day. I just moved to Denver, Colorado and of course my intention was to become the owner of a Subaru. 

We walk into the dealership and they have exactly one new car for sale. One. We visit another dealership and they’re selling a pre-owned car for more than a new 2021 Subaru Forester. 

If you’ve tried to buy appliances, home improvement equipment, lumber, or a car in the last few months you’ll have noticed the same thing: 

Everything is out of stock. For a while. 

Because of COVID-19, new buying behaviors from the market, and The Great Resignation, we’re in a perfect storm of increased purchasing without the infrastructure in place to ensure that people get what they’re buying in a timely manner. 

This isn’t just affecting those in North America, this has rippling effects worldwide. 

This isn’t what we would call the best timing, with the most popular time to send gifts to prospects, customers, friends, and family right around the corner. 

There are ways to work around this to ensure that your gifting campaigns from now, through the holiday season, until the new year can go off without a hitch while you deliver personal, delightful experiences in your holiday gifting to prospects and customers. 

Let’s dive into how you can create a sustainable holiday gifting strategy that won’t be as reliant on a slowed-down supply chain. 

Holiday Gifting Tips To Beat The Supply Chain Chaos

Split Up Your Lists For Bulk Gifting

Ordering one gift in a large quantity will run the risk of that product selling out before everyone on your list can claim their gift. 

Splitting up your list and creating micro-campaigns with a different default gift for each list can help you plan around the supply chain just in case the one gift you want to send to everyone sells out. 

Curate Custom Marketplaces For Your Holiday Gifts

Just because you aren’t sending every single customer or prospect the same gift doesn’t mean that your campaign can’t be thematic and on brand. 

Leverage our existing custom marketplaces or make one of your own so that the gifts in each of your campaigns are consistent. Your recipients can use the power of choice to claim any gift in the marketplace, and your overall campaign messaging works regardless of the default gift. 

Allow For The Power Of Choice

Using “accept only” campaigns during the holiday season may not be the safest way to ensure that the product you want to send to your recipients has the stock available to do so. 

By allowing and encouraging your prospects and customers to exchange the default gift sent to them for something more suited to their interests, you can ensure that there will be a lower demand for the individual products chosen by each of the individual recipients. 

This also plays nicely into holiday gifting campaigns by giving people the gift of choice, prioritizing the recipient’s experience, and overall helping to deflect some of the increased demand for products that could be out of stock or low on stock. 

Opt For Charitable Gifting

We’re huge fans of charitable gifting campaigns here at Alyce. One of our core values is “Give First, Give Consistently” so charitable gifting has been ingrained in our product for a while. 

Sometimes the perfect gift for the holidays is the ability to give back to a cause that is near and dear to someone’s heart. 

With a marketplace of hundreds of charities and a “Charity of Your Choice” donation option, you can still make a lasting impression on customers without sending them a physical good. 

Want some pro-tips on putting together a best-in-class charitable gifting campaign? Check out these tips! 

Four Tips For Holiday Gifting Around The Supply Chain

The events of the last two years have taken a toll on the global supply chain. That shouldn’t stop you from feeling empowered to thank your prospects and customers for being a part of your community during the time of year where gifting is commonplace. 

While physical gifting and planning offers that surprise and delight moment, making sure your experience isn’t affected by issues outside of your control will create a better customer experience that can drive the impact you want it to.

Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

October 8, 2021
Stacy O.