367 Meetings, And Counting

Looking for ways to empower, motivate and excite your sales organization to connect with prospects? For the 1st post in our series, "Alyce 360," Account Executive Jordyn Fahey shares how she wakes up to thank you notes from prospects on a daily basis excited to talk to her. Hint: Alyce has a lot to do with it.

Before I joined the Alyce team, I would arrive at my past offices by 7:00 am at the latest, hoping to make as many cold calls as possible to catch executives before their first meeting. Two groggy people would have a random, unexpected conversation that typically was super annoying for the person on the other end of the line. Usually, I reached their voicemails, which over time I would memorize. For the rest of the day, I would send as many emails as I could without seeming too spammy. Occasionally I would get a meeting, and it was a huge win.

With Alyce, I wake up to “Thank you” emails from prospects that I’ve asked to connect with over the last week or two, oftentimes with a meeting invite waiting on my calendar.

What is the last “thank you for your cold outreach” message you’ve received from a prospect? 

Some days are so filled with meetings that my calendar is just a solid block of conversations.

Now, I can focus on setting agendas and being organized for each conversation, rather than spending all day trying to get them. Until very recently, I didn’t even have a BDR.


The Alyce Approach

Alyce is most effective when coupled with a quality outreach list. I prospect my leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator, and from there I make a list of relevant Marketing roles from my identified target accounts. Once I’ve built my weekly list, (some brand new leads, others in new parts of larger enterprise organizations) I submit them for Alyce gift research.

The personal research that Alyce serves back up on these prospects is really the secret sauce to success. Once research is complete, I can leverage Alyce’s intel on the person’s individual interests to select a perfect fit gift for them. Heck – Alyce even recommends 3 for me right off the bat based on gifts that align with the captured interests.

Then, the only thing that makes a premium gift more memorable is a hyper-personalized note to go with it (which I craft right in the Alyce platform).

Then voila! I click send and my gift invite is on its way to my key prospect.


You’ve Booked HOW Many Meetings?!

I’ve been at Alyce for ten months. During those 210 business days, I’ve sent over 1,700 gifts and had 546 of them accepted. That is over 2.5 accepts a day. Granted some of those gifts were “thank you” gifts, but the majority of them were cold prospects who booked a meeting as a result of my outreach (367 meetings to be exact).

Alyce books me more meetings in a day than I used to book in a whole month in previous roles that were reliant on cold calling and InMailing.

“But who cares about how many meetings, what was the outcome?”

Glad you asked.

40 opportunities.

$1.16M in SaaS pipeline.

On pace to hit my number. 

Pretty good for not making a single cold call or sending a single cold email, wouldn’t you say?

Personal Experience in Account Based Execution

November 25, 2019
Stacy O.

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367 Meetings, And Counting

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