Personal Experience

Move from brand ‘touches’ to delivering a Personal Experience. Learn how to apply Personal Experience principles to your marketing campaigns.

What is a Moment?

Solidify a bond with your customers and prospects by turning touches into moments.

Making The Switch To Personal: 8 Takeaways from YOUniverse

Did you miss out on our virtual event YOUniverse? No need to re-watch the sessions if you don't have time, read these 8 takeaways from YOuniverse speakers.

Creating a New Category: The Personal Business Experience

When I had my daughter, I realized the world wasn’t about “me” anymore. Every “me” became “you”. This new “you” approach from raising my daughter opened my eyes to the fact that the world just needs more “you.” So I built the core of the business to be all about “you.” The vision. The business model. The values. The experience.

Where Personalization Misses The Mark in Customer Experience

With vendors all looking the same and the logical decision-making happening without you, the only way you can win new business these days is to figure out how to stimulate an emotional responses throughout the customer experience.

The Alyce Match Program

Everyone loves to give back. That's why we added charitable donations as a gift in our product and match the most popular charitable donation every quarter.

Ultimate Gifting Guide: Relatable, Respectful, and Relevant Gifts

Let me tell you a story about the time my father received the worst piece of direct mail, ever. It happened just after he lost his parents. And if you’ve never lost anyone close or had to make arrangements after…

The TL;DR of the Creating Community and Customer Connectivity Webinar

Building trust is what marketers and sales reps need to start doing sooner rather than later. By creating relationships with customers, you create a network larger than your own business to provide a trustworthy voice surrounding your brand and product.

How We Digitized Our Own Gifting Strategy While Staying Personal

And up until a few weeks ago, we were using Alyce in it’s traditional model. Like every marketing team out there we’ve had to pivot our strategies away from the way we had previously been executing most programs. Quickly.

Engage Your Virtual Event Attendees with Conference Swag

Alyce ran a webinar about how to make the most out of physical events going digital. Check out the TL;DR version of that webinar below!

The TL;DR of the DirectFail Webinar

Want the recording from this webinar? Check it out here! Last week, our Sr Product Marketing Manager, Blake Grubbs, and Brand Content Marketing Manager, Sara Pion, put on a webinar we called “Don’t Make Direct Mail a DirectFail”, where they…

TL;DR of the Lets Get Phygital Webinar: Bring The Physical To The Digital World

Last week, our director of demand gen, Nina Butler, and director of customer marketing, MK Getler, put on a webinar we called “Let’s Get Phygital”, where they explored how you can stay personal with your digital events and bring the physical world into the digital world.

Calzones & Empathy: The Psychology of Being Personal

Having empathy for others is integral to building personal relationships. But what does this look like in a business context, and furthermore, what is the true value it affords?