Alyce Team

Ideas and perspectives from the team behind the top-rated gifting platform that hundreds of B2B organizations use to grow and scale.

Alyce All-Stars Featuring Kelsey Hojan-Clark

Swim champ and dog mom to Jack, Kelsey fills us in on being a Cheesehead from Wisconsin and getting her black belt in karate.

Alyce All-Stars Featuring Izabella Bray

Master Matchmaker Izabella Bray describes her killer knitting skills, the value of honesty in friendships, and being grateful for her Brazilian Heritage.

How Automation is Influencing Customer Experience

Every enterprise company should aim to impact the customer experience on a deeper level. Data and automation play a vital role in ensuring the experience you deliver is memorable and drives results.

Alyce Match Program Q2 2020 Highlights

This quarter, the Alyce Match Program will support two organizations who made a deep impact in the face of COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The 3 Essential Reports to Set Up in Salesforce for Alyce

The goal if building reports in Salesforce for Alyce is to add visibility to your Alyce gifting strategy.

How to Create a Personal Prospecting Video in 3 Easy Steps

Based on the success we’ve seen pairing personal gifting with personal videos, we wanted to share how to create a personal prospecting video in just 3 easy steps.

What are the Three Rs?

The Three Rs of Personal Experience: Relatable, Relevant, and Respectful.

Alyce Culture: Using Personal Experience to Build a Culture We Love

We decided to take some time to document how personal experience helps us build a culture we love.

What Does The #5to9™ Mean To Your Clients?

Stop selling. Stop marketing. Stop servicing.  Start bonding.

How Personal Gifting is Different from Direct Mail Marketing

As we work with businesses to help them build tighter bonds with your prospects and customers, one of the most common questions we hear when talking with Sales and Marketing leadership during the sales process is, “how is personal gifting…

How to Pick the Perfect Client Gift Every Time

What better way to bond with someone than to spend time relating to one another over our passions, the things that make us tick. 

Alyce All Stars Featuring Renzo Traverso

The Alyce All-Stars program is designed to highlight Alyce Customers who have mastered the art of “personal gifting.” An All-Star prioritizing building rapport, earning trust, and generating loyalty over making someone feel like a number. They challenge the status quo…