Campaign Ideas For International Gifting

Get your wheels turning with these themed campaigns and email templates you can use today to aid in your International Gifting efforts!
International Gifting Campaign Ideas

We like to take privacy and data protection very seriously here at Alyce and we want to make it easier for you to send gifts internationally without the stress, without the potential for privacy mishaps, while also helping you create a personal experience for everyone you do business with. 

We’re excited to announce that you can now enhance your outreach to UK prospects and customers with Alyce. Alyce for the UK and Ireland helps you deliver a similar personal experience as you would in the US that makes recipients want to opt in.

Gifting In The UK and Ireland With Alyce

With Alyce for the UK and Ireland, you will be able to set up both personal gifting and gifting programs that target the region of your choice.

With this new improvement, you will be able to choose from hundreds of e-gifts and donations to send to your prospects in the UK and Ireland while still giving them the power to choose the gift that best suits them.

Not only this but with the rest of our latest releases, you’ll be able to schedule gifts to send across the pond at the appropriate time and brand your gift redemption landing pages for your international campaigns to create a cohesive gifting program that aligns with the rest of your marketing programming.

What Themed Campaigns Can You Run With Alyce Uk and Ireland? 

With international gifting with Alyce a marketplace of Gift Cards to start, we thought we’d help get your wheels turning with International Gifting campaign ideas you could run with your prospects overseas that feel personal, without getting too close, and are relevant to their cultural norms. 

Rep Their Favorite Team

Whether your prospect is a Manchester United Fan and wants to rep their jersey from Adidas or a Chelsea fan and needs that Nike swoosh, you can make your outreach personal with a gift card to help your prospects rep their favorite teams.

Gift Options: Adidas and Nike Gift Cards

Email Template For Sports Fans

Set The Table

For the foodies or those who love to host, the closest way to a strong prospect relationship can be through their stomach. Appealing to seasonal recipes or national holidays with this Waitrose gift card can help you make the right impression with the right prospect.

Gift Card Options: Waitrose, John Lewis & Partners, Asda, and Tesco gift cards. 

Email Templates For Foodies

Appeal To The Wanderluster

With summer around the corner and the itch to travel in the air, let your prospect plan their next vacation with a little help from you! Choose a flight, hotel, or vacation rental gift card and talk to your prospect about the next vacation they’re planning once you hop on a call.

Gift Card Options: Hotel gift card, Flight gift card

Email Templates for Travelers

International Gifting Campaign Ideas

The message always matters. No matter if you’re doing your own research on prospects or standing up an Activate campaign, connecting the gift back to something relevant to your buyer will always help you drive loyalty, build rapport, and earn trust with your gifting. 

This is true for gifting in your native country and countries abroad. Being empathetic, going the extra mile to understand what the cultural norms are for another country, and staying personal will help you see the greatest successes in your global gifting campaigns.

June 15, 2021
Team Alyce
Team Alyce