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Parts of Australia are experiencing unprecedented bushfire activity and it's time to act.

Parts of Australia are experiencing unprecedented bushfire activity that are devastating several communities. Hundreds of homes have been lost, livelihoods destroyed and tragically, some people have lost their loved ones. It’s time to rally together to support these communities.

The Alyce gifting model allows you to donate your gift value to a charity of your choice. We’ve added five organizations to our charitable marketplace so that whether you are an Alyce gift sender or Alyce gift recipient, you can support the people of Australia during their time of need.

Below is more information on the five organizations, as well as links to donate directly today.

1. Australian Red Cross Disaster Recovery and Relief 

The Australian Red Cross is supporting thousands of people in evacuation centers and recovery hubs across Australia. Your donation helps Red Cross give people the support they need in disasters, including:

  • Recovery programs and emergency assistance in communities affected by disasters like bushfires
  • Training, equipment, logistics and coordination of their volunteers

2. Victoria Bushfire Appeal

The Victorian Government has partnered with Bendigo Bank and The Salvation Army to establish the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. 100% of donated funds will go directly to communities in need.

The appeal provides a formal channel for the public to donate money directly to affected families and communities, by working directly with local communities to inform and drive the distribution of funds. Funds raised will be used in a range of locally identified charitable areas to provide practical relief and recovery in the fire-affected areas.

3. St Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal

Vinnies is on the ground helping people as they deal with the immediate aftermath of fires, and will continue to be there as they rebuild their lives in the long term. With your support they can:

  • Provide food, clothing, essential items and grocery vouchers for people who have lost everything
  • Pay unexpected bills as people work through the recovery process
  • Give much-needed emotional support, as well as practical assistance to pick up the pieces after homes are lost


4. World Wildlife Fund of Australia

While trees burn, our wildlife also suffers. It’s been estimated that over 480 million animals have been killed in the NSW bushfires. When the fires clear, WWF will need to restore forests that have been lost and wildlife that has been impacted.

5. NSW Rural Fire Service

Donations made to the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) directly benefit volunteer firefighters. Many local Rural Fire Brigades conduct fundraising through doorknocks, letterbox drops, or at community functions. These proceeds directly assist brigades in conducting their community activities.

You can search for any of these organizations in Alyce’s donation marketplace when either sending or accepting an Alyce gift.

January 7, 2020
Mary Matton
Mary Matton

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