Alyce Introduces New, Recipient-First Approach to Premium Branded Products with Swag Select™

Only Platform Empowering Prospects and Customers to Either Choose Swag They Actually Want, or Donate its Value to Charity

BOSTON — May 6th, 2019 — Alyce Inc. (“Alyce”), the AI-powered platform that’s redefining direct mail, today introduced Swag Select™, a new, patent-pending approach to branded products that puts recipients in charge and offers measurable swag results without the inventory headache. With the Swag Select marketplace, companies can reward their fans with premium logoed items the Alyce way—by letting them choose swag they actually want and will use, or instead donate the value of that swag to a charity of their choice, an industry first.

Swag Select adds premium branded products to the items that reps and customer success managers can use to engage with prospects, customers, and employees via Alyce. Forget pens and stress balls—the Swag Select marketplace offers a curated selection of premium branded products, from Yeti tumblers to Patagonia jackets to Leatherman multi-tools and more. Recipients choose their own swag, in their preferred style, size, color, etc., ensuring it’s something they will actually use and enjoy.

“I know how terribly wasteful it feels to throw away swag I just don’t want or need,” said Greg Segall, founder and CEO of Alyce. “The old swag model was about companies slapping their logo on products and getting them in as many hands as possible. The Alyce model is all about giving recipients the power of choice, so they can choose something they really want and feel great about representing your brand.”

With Swag Select, companies can now track their swag’s performance using Alyce’s enterprise measurement tools. Customers using Alyce’s direct mail platform are able to get granular-level detail on the performance of every piece of swag on a one-by-one basis.

Swag Select brings top manufacturers and decorators together into a single marketplace. Now, instead of preordering every size and color of every swag item, companies can provide their logo and they will instantly create a custom swag store for their customers to choose from, all while keeping costs down due to Alyce’s buying power.

Swag Select™ is available now on the Alyce platform. For more information or to request a demo, please visit


Alyce is the AI-powered platform that’s redefining direct mail and swag with its scalable, sustainable, hyper-personalized approach to account-based marketing. Alyce builds real, human relationships that deliver up to twice the named account penetration versus traditional approaches. Founded in December of 2015, Alyce is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA.

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May 6, 2019
Team Alyce
Team Alyce