Alyce All-Stars Featuring Annie Carlson

Collage queen, Colorado native, and baking enthusiast learn more about what makes Annie Carlson a Personal Experience All-Star!
Alyce All-Star Annie Carlson

About this program

The Alyce All-Stars program exists to highlight Alyce Customers and Friends who have mastered the art of “personal experience.”

An All-Star prioritizes Building Rapport, Earning Trust, and Generating Loyalty over making someone feel like just another face in the crowd.

All-Stars challenge the status quo and – while they’re not officially Alyce employees – we consider them an extension of our team. They find creative ways to infuse our core values of Give First, Give Consistently, Be Crafty, Seize the Present, and Unwrap the Possibility into their unique way of doing business.

This week’s All-Star is Annie Carlson, Business Development Representative at Adobe!

Annie Carlson All Star

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Q: Share with us some of your personal interests?
I’m a huge collager. I collect National Geographics and other smaller magazines and do a lot of collaging. It’s a good mindless activity. I also am a big baker, I baked breads before everyone started getting into it during the pandemic. Mostly sourdough because it’s the best kind of bread but I use my starter for everything now like pancakes or scones. I’ve been baking for a few years and honestly my first two years my loaves turned out pretty badly, but now all my friends who recently got into baking ask for my help.

Q: What was your first AIM screen name?
My parents found out I had an AIM account and made me switch my username.

Q What song is on repeat right now for you?
The Watlers and Groove Armada are two artists on my prospecting playlist that I just listen to every day. Groove Armada’s new album is going to be my summer playlist this year for sure.

Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A professional soccer player. Everyone wanted to be Mia Hamm.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the place where you live? Why and how do you take advantage of it?
I grew up in Lewisville, Colorado, and before a bunch of hip 30 year olds started moving there two years ago it felt like an episode out of the Gilmore girls. It was a really cute old mining town. It just felt magical. Now there are a lot more people and it was voted one of the best places in America, but I’m in Denver now. I love Denver, each pocket and neighborhood of Denver is different.

Q: What would be the title of your first music album?
Maybe “It’s a hard knock life” playing on my name being Annie.

Q: What’s something you consider yourself to be ok at but not great at?
I would say riding my bike. I can ride it fine, but I shouldn’t be trusted with it.

Q: What is the best gift you have ever received?
Probably honestly, an iPod when I was in sixth grade. It was a pink iPod. I think that really started my love for music and getting really into creating my own playlists.

Q: Beach, safari, or forest vacation?
Beach because I’m in Colorado so I’m landlocked.

Q: If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
It feels like such a cliche line, but this too shall pass. I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up into something small that in the grand scheme of things doesn’t ever matter.

Q: Would you rather be an olympic gold medalist or win a nobel prize? And why?
I would say a gold medalist, cause it would be really fun, but a Nobel prize – I feel like that shows the world that you’re a good person. Like you’re contributing more to society. But with my skill set, I would say I’m probably more on par with the Olympian.

Q: Are you a morning person or a night owl? How do you like to start your day?
I am a morning person when it comes to work, but anything creative is always at night. So for work, I’m in my zone at like 6:30 in the morning, but when I ran an art gallery before I came into sales I would be making art at like 11pm.

Q: How did you meet your childhood best friend?
We went to Waldorf school together and we met in the second grade. We met on the playground and we’re still friends to this day.

Q: If you could live through any event in history, what event would that be? Why would you want to live through that event?
I think the time that we’re going through right now is what I would want to live through. Experiencing a pandemic, and a lot of political shifts I think we’re in the process of reshaping our world in a better way.


May 7, 2021
Mary Matton
Mary Matton

Mary Matton is the Growth Marketing Manager for Alyce, and is obsessed with all things inbound and demand gen. Outside of work, her #5to9 interests include perfecting her mobile photography, the quest for the perfect iced coffee, and spending time with the people most important to her.