Alyce Leads the G2 Spring 2022 Account-Based Direct Mail Software Grid Report

G2 has recognized Alyce in its Spring 2022 Grid and Index Reports for the 10th quarter in a row.
Alyce Leads the G2 Spring 2022 Account-Based Direct Mail Software Grid Report

The account-based direct mail market continues to heat up. The latest G2 Spring 2022 Report shows some fascinating developments.

But first, I want to thank every Alyce user who has rated us as their favorite gifting platform. Together, we're shaping the future of business gifting by being personal in our outreach. You rock, and we're so excited to be a partner with your growth.

June 27, 2022
Update: Alyce Leads Account-Based Software Comparison — G2

Companies today face headwinds to sales success and driving awareness. Strained supply chains, rising energy costs, the Great Resignation, and remote work make traditional outreach obsolete.

Modern account-based direct mail solutions like Alyce help sales and marketing leaders stand out to key prospects and customers. These brand leaders don't do it by sending more "stuff" — they earn more consideration by being personal and thoughtful in their outreach.

As a result, the category has been growing more competitive. (Click to see how Alyce fares in the industry.)

Corporate Gifting Software Comparison - Alyce vs. Sendoso Vs. Reachdesk vs. Postal — G2 Spring 2022

Alyce stands out in G2's Spring 2022 Report for Account-Based Direct Mail Software as well as seven other No. 1 rankings, including:

Best Results for:

  • Account-Based Direct Mail
  • Account-Based Direct Mail (Mid-Market)
  • Promotional Product Management

Best Relationship for:

  • Account-Based Direct Mail
  • Account-Based Direct Mail (Mid-Market)

Best Usability for:

  • Account-Based Direct Mail
  • Account-Based Direct Mail (Mid-Market)

What does it mean to lead these categories? Let's take a closer look.

What makes a G2 Leader?

G2 Leaders are determined based on high customer satisfaction in reviews and dominating market presence. Alyce continues to receive outstanding G2 reviews, highlighting real customer stories and their growth from our gifting platform and underlying strategy.

Our approach awakens dormant prospects and customers by making it easy for businesses to send gifts. It helps brands scale outreach creatively and respectfully. It's the perfect addition to any sales and marketing campaign to achieve better results.

Since Alyce is the account-based direct mail software of choice for the mid-market and enterprise, we do more than send gifts efficiently. Our platform meets the stringent security and privacy requirements found at some of the most successful global organizations. If you need a compliant B2B gifting solution, look no further than Alyce.

In a world where unknown phone calls are automatically blocked and bulk emails rarely make it past the spam filter, recipients hold all the cards. That's what makes Alyce the top-rated gifting platform — a recipient-first approach that lets people choose what matters to them outside of their LinkedIn profile.

Recent customer reviews

Here are a few distinguished Alyce reviews published on G2.

"Alyce makes sending gifts easy and efficient. We've been able to target customers who have been dis-engaged to re-engage them."
— Drew Martig, Field Marketing Manager at Fortinet

"Right now, it's all about growing the pipeline, and having access to personalized gifts in a persistent campaign as Alyce provides, has been crucial. We have seen multiple benefits in the form of more meetings booked, more late-stage pipeline, and helping struggling reps focus their prospecting and get more targeted."
— Dan Sorensen, Sr. Program Manager, Global Sales Engagement at Proofpoint

"Alyce is a great tool to help with your outbound prospecting activities. Not only do they do research on what gifts the prospect would like based off their social profiles, they make it easy to send gifts quickly. Add this into your strategy, and you'll definitely see an increase in meetings booked."
— Courtney C., Commercial Growth Account Executive at Adobe

Experience why Alyce is the top-rated Account-Based Direct Mail platform.

Alyce in the fast-growing gifting market

Analysts at Coresight Research estimate that corporate gifting will surpass $242 billion in 2022, and they expect it to rise to $306 billion by 2024.

While there's a swell of interest in the gifting space, corporate gifters should be intentional with their outreach, so they leave a positive impact on their recipients and the environment.

Alyce maintains its leadership position in the direct mail market. We know what works to drive more sales outcomes, customer renewals, and brand awareness. We combine these strategies with personal gifting to amplify business results.

No matter how you look at it — Alyce is easy to do business with, has a product going in the right direction, and remains the easiest to use for admins and users.

See how Alyce stacks up against the alternatives below.
Ease of Doing Business With97%90%95%92%
Quality of Support94%90%91%93%
Product Direction97%90%87%88%
Likelihood to Recommend93%91%89%91%

BenefitAlyceIndustry Average
Ease of Doing Business With97%93%
Quality of Support95%82%
Ease of Admin92%87%
Ease of Use92%88%

Alyce has enabled sales, marketing, and customer success teams to strengthen personal bonds through recipient-first gifting.

G2's Spring 2022 rankings underpin Alyce's footing in the gifting space as an easy-to-use, highly effective solution for enterprise teams, with unmatched customer support and success.

Want a fresh approach to B2B gifting? We feel you. Get inspired by these 14 free gifting ideas and hop on a product demo to see how we can freshen up your marketing and sales campaigns. Your recipients will thank you for it!

Market comparison data provided by G2. Sendoso, Reachdesk, and have no relationship with Alyce, Inc. and are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Last updated on July 20, 2022.

March 29, 2022
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