A People-First Philosophy

For this fourth post in our corporate values series, Customer Success Manager Tracy Novello shares what impact Alyce’s values has on her relationship building methodology within CS

I’m Tracy 👋🏻, I’m on the Customer Success Team at Alyce. I’m sharing with you why I’m excited to join Alyce and how Alyce’s core values influence my day to day with our customers, as well as my colleagues. Check out my video recorded in our Clark Kent Phonebooth. Leave your comments or questions below!

May 31, 2019
Tracy N.
Hello, I'm Tracy Novello. Likes: Animals, Boston Red Sox, Travel, Patrick Swayze, and Giving First (Following & Supporting Local NPO’s) Dislikes: The Final Season of Game of Thrones, Remakes, Crowded Bars, and Short Walks on the Beach