13 Creative Gifts to Send to Prospects

Just because you might not know details about someone's personal interests, doesn't mean you can't still delight them with a thoughtful gift. Use the intel you have to create a personal connection and don't forget that the message is also a great way to build report and earn trust.
gift ideas for a prospect you know nothing about

“So… how does it really work?”

Gift recipients and future customers alike have wondered how Alyce works to find the perfect, personal gift ideas for your prospects.

And the answer is simple: Our human-augmented AI scrapes your prospects’ public social media profiles.

Linkedin acts as our primary source for finding your prospect, we then waterfall through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Personal Websites, and Twitter to find out more about the person you want to send a gift to and their #5to9.

Alyce CX Automation

But hold on – what if your prospect isn’t active on social media?

Although seven in ten Americans are on social media, there is a 15% decrease in social media usage in Americans aged 50-64, and a 42% decrease usage in Americans who are 65 and above.

Even if you’re targeting a prospect younger than 50 where chances are statistically higher that they will have some sort of social media presence, there is no one generation where 100% of the population is present on social media.

And although creating a Personal Experience through Gifting is not just about the gift ideas that you send to your prospect, but the relevancy of your message, finding the perfect gift never hurts.

Sales gift ideas to help you create a personal experience with prospects.

Tap into Your Prospect’s Persona

Now, generally at Alyce we’re all about getting to know the person behind the persona, but you’ve got to work with what you have!

Without the #5to9 data available, understanding your prospect’s persona is the next best part of the person to reference when creating a personal experience for a future customer.

Say, for example you’re targeting a prospect with very little social media presence within the IT persona. A double whammy of a persona that probably holds a lot of skepticism and is fiercely private (because they know what’s out there).

Reflecting on how an IT professional spends their 9-to-5, they spend a lot of time connecting systems and working with technology.

Sending them a gift that is tech related in nature could be a great way to grab their attention and spark some excitement for a new “toy”.

The Alyce Marketplace has a whole section for Tech and Office Needs related gift ideas, but here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.

gift ideas for tech lovers Gift idea for techys

Look For Company Mascots

I don’t know about you, but I love a mascot. Not just in school, but having a company mascot is a nice touch that brings more of a personality to a brand.

Not every company is going to have a mascot, but it never hurts to take a look around their website to see if your target company is represented by a friendly face.

The World Wildlife Fund has an “Adopt” program where you can give the gift of adopting the animal your target account has representing their company across the website and marketing materials.

Our team has used this approach to reach out to prospects when very little research has been returned to create a more personal message around the person’s company that they can relate to.

Think About Geographic Gifts

The details matter. Private prospect or not, recognizing the physical locations of your prospects shows that you’ve done your homework.

So go check out the geo-location on your prospects Linkedin profiles and send them a gift that reminds them of home.

With everyone spending more time at home recently, giving a gift that will spruce up a living space can be appreciated.

Here are some non-traditional geographic gift ideas that’ll spruce up any home:

customized map for families zip code pillow for new home owners wood skyline gift

Create a Hometown Hero

There’s the age-old adage that charity begins at home and at Alyce we believe it’s always the season to give.

Leveraging the geolocation of your prospect on Linkedin can give you insight into what local or national organizations to send as charitable gifts.

The Alyce Marketplace is stocked with hundreds of charities to help your prospect give back and make a difference in their hometown.

Here are some charitable gift ideas to get your wheels turning:

charitable donation gift idea local charities gift idea personal gift idea

Fuel The Learning Fire

If you’re selling to higher level decision makers within the company, appeal to the inquiring mind and send a book!

Like Charlie Munger said:

“In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn’t read all the time..”

There are books in the Alyce marketplace that can appeal to your prospect’s #5to9’s AND 9-to-5’s.

Even if you’re not sure what kind of books your prospect reads, there are literary book gift ideas for any and all readers:

Marketing gift ideas Digital transformation book gift idea Book of the month club

In a Regulated Industry and Need Sales Gift Ideas?

If you’re in a regulated industry and know that your customer sometimes cannot accept your gift,  this is the perfect time to leverage the charitable aspect of the Alyce recipient experience.

In your gift invitation, highlight the option to donate the dollar value of the gift to a charity of the recipients choosing.

That way, no matter if your prospect can receive the gift or not, they get to participate in the act of receiving a gift. And then sending one their-self!

Corporate Gift Ideas Don’t Have to Be Impersonal

Social media usage is increasing, which only means that Alyce’s research is going to continue to get better.

Just because you might not know details about someone’s personal interests, doesn’t mean you can’t still delight them with a thoughtful gift.

Use the intel you have to create a personal connection and don’t forget that the message is also a great way to build report and earn trust.

Have you gotten an amazingly personal gift? Let us know the best gift you’ve ever received below!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

August 17, 2020
Stacy O.